Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attack?

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It has been suggested that the attacks in Paris this past weekend were not just a terrorist attack against helpless citizens, but a coordinated attack meant to assassinate French President Hollande.  All together there were about six locations for the attacks that took place in about a 30 minute time period.  It’s possible some of these attacks were meant to be distractions and diversions to potentially throw President Hollande’s security force off guard.  Remember that President Hollande was in attendance at Stade de France, the first location to be hit.  Were these attacks a botched assassination attempt?  Has ISIS changed its strategy?  Is ISIS growing more powerful?  Will Obama change America’s strategy toward ISIS?  What would the Republican candidates do differently, if elected president?  Let’s discuss ISIS, its terrorist attacks, and American foreign policy next …

Were the Paris Attacks a Botched Assassination Attempt against President Hollande?

In the absence of solid intelligence, we might never know the answer to that question accurately.  The fact that President Hollande was at the scene of a terrorist attack brings that question to mind.  In addition, since there were multiple terrorist attacks during the same time period lends further credence to the assassination possibility.  Three gunmen at one site told police that they were retaliating for France’s airstrikes in Syria and Iraq.  Assassinating the French president might be one way to try to change French foreign policy.

Is ISIS Changing Strategy or Growing More Powerful?

ISIS goals are to establish a caliphate and to destroy America and Israel.

ISIS is threatening to take the attack to America.  One ISIS website stated:  “American blood is the best blood.”

It also seems to be growing from a terrorist organization into a full-fledged terrorist State.  It controls land about the size of Indiana.  As a terrorist State, it has resources available to wage a war much like a regular nation.  ISIS has tax revenues, has cash flow, has potential experts in areas like biological and chemical warfare.  It has other capabilities.  It has outposts in about six Gulf countries.

Will President Obama Change his Strategy with regard to ISIS?

No, he seems to be doubling down on his “treat them gently” policy with some benign photo optics to show Americans “we care about the problem.”  With regard to immigration, Obama wants to keep Syrians coming into America, despite the fact that no amount of vetting can guarantee terrorists aren’t coming into America with these waves of immigrants.

What Will Republican Presidential Candidates Do with regard to ISIS, if Elected?

Here are some of their ideas from recent news reports or their websites or social media:

Trump – Bomb ISIS.

Bush – Declare War on ISIS.

Cruz – ISIS strategy: “We win, they lose.”

Kasich – Urging France to invoke Nato’s Article 5 which would allow the U. S. to come to its aid militarily.  Setting up a “no-fly zone.”  Arming the Kurds.

Graham – Urging France to invoke Nato’s Article 5.  “Hit them before they hit us.”  “Fight them in their backyard, not our backyard.”

Rubio – Urging France to invoke Nato’s Article 5.

Carson – Would ask all traditional allies and all Arab States to come to France’s aid.

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