Voter Fraud Evidence in Presidential Election

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Voter Fraud Evidence – Did Democrats Conspire with Media?

Voter fraud evidence includes apparent collusion between the Democratic Party and the mainstream pro-Biden media. It also includes large vote dumps in the middle of the night with all 100% of ballots for Biden. Other evidence includes not allowing Republican poll watchers from overseeing the counting process. Plus, there’s more voter fraud evidence.

Former Presidential Pollster for Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, said on Newsmax TV that the so-called election reporting on the presidential election from polls to post-election calling of States, was a “setup.”

Dick Morris thinks the Democrats conspired with the mainstream, anti-Trump, media to create the appearance of a Biden election victory.

Dick Morris believes:

  • The overwhelming pre-Election polls were designed to give the false impression of an inevitable victory for Biden – hopefully also suppressing Trump voters in the process.
  • Stopping the vote counting reporting when Trump was ahead to help the appearance of Biden’s position.
  • Calling Arizona for Biden too early to boost Biden’s apparent Electoral Vote count.
  • Not Calling Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina despite Trump’s early large leads – again to hurt Trump and help Biden’s apparent Electoral Vote count.
  • Large dumps of ballots in several States that were 100% for Biden.
    • According to Maria Bartiromo (Fox News and Fox Business Network personality) there was a 65,000 vote dump of ballots with 100% of ballots for Biden at 4 AM in Wisconsin
    • and a 138,499 vote dump of ballots in Michigan with 100% of ballots for Biden in Michigan also at 4 AM
    • Vote counting was stopped in WI, MI, GA, NC, and PA when Trump was ahead and before the “vote fairy” visited the vote counting locations
    • AZ poll workers forced voters to use Sharpies rather than pens to invalidate their ballots
  • Note that Democratic Election officials say this didn’t happen. But, social media companies make it difficult to analyze information due to their suppressing pro-Trump information. Also, some Democratic Secretary of State’s websites don’t publish all information for citizens to decide for themselves.
  • Media created the fake news narrative that Trump was trying to prevent Biden from winning with frivolous lawsuits – ignoring the evidence that voter fraud might have been committed in many States.

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Voter Fraud Evidence – Major Biden Ballot Dump at 4 am in Detroit

According to one published news source, at 4 am in Detroit ballot workers were counting ballots and three cars pulled up with 61 boxes containing 130,000 ballots – remarkably all 130,000 ballots were for Biden not one for Trump. Connie Johnson reported that all the ballots were delivered late past the deadline. She also indicated that GOP workers were forced to leave the counting room and no one could challenge the 130,000 ballots.

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Voter Fraud Evidence – Major Evidence that Point to Voter Fraud

According to Pew Research,  “overwhelming shares of voters who are supporting Trump and Biden say they are also supporting the same-party candidate for Senate.” In fact, Pew Research states that only 4% of voters plan to vote for President and a Senate candidate from another party.

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Based on the pew Research, we would expect the number of votes for Trump and the Republican Senate candidate to be close in a given State. Similarly, we would expect the number of votes for Biden and the Democratic Senate candidate to be close in a given State.

But, look at the numbers for Michigan:

  • Trump: 2,637,173
  • GOP Sen: 2,630,042
  • Dif: 7,131
  • Biden: 2,787,544
  • Dem Sen: 2,718,451
  • Dif: 69,093

The difference between Trump and the Republican Senate is what you would expect 7,131 votes.

But, the difference between Biden and the Democratic Senate candidate is an incredible 69,093 votes. It appears like and extra 62,000 or so votes came out of thin air to vote for Biden.

Is this an indication of voter fraud? Did the vote fairy leave these in Michigan magically at 4 AM?

Look at the numbers for Georgia:

  • Trump: 2,432,799
  • GOP Sen: 2,433,617
  • Dif: 818
  • Biden: 2,414,651
  • Dem Sen: 2,318,850
  • Dif: 95,801

This time Biden received a magical 95,000 or so extra votes. Recall that Biden was further behind Trump in Georgia and the vote fairy would need to give Biden a bigger boost.

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More Evidence – Republican Poll Watchers Banned + AZ Antics + Nevada Shenanigans

In some important States, like Pennsylvania, Republican Poll Watchers were banned from overseeing the counting of votes.

Plus, there were antics in AZ. Dead people were found to have voted and poll workers told Trump voters to use Sharpie pens even though ballots were not counted if regular black ink pens were not used.

In Nevada, many people who no longer lived in Nevada voted in Nevada and some claim illegal aliens also voted in the State.

The Mainstream Media and Social Media are Hiding Apparent Voter Fraud Evidence

The mainstream media and social media are hiding this apparent voter fraud evidence – either claiming it’s not true or suppressing stories about it or both.

If these stories are not true, produce the counter evidence.

Hiding apparent voter fraud evidence makes it appear like you are co-conspirators to election fraud.

We Need Openness and Transparency – We Don’t Need Censorship

Openness and transparency is necessary to restore confidence in our electoral system.

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