Trump’s Inauguration Will Result in Optimism

Trump’s Inauguration is an Optimistic Celebration

First and foremost, Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th, 2017 is an optimistic celebration. Despite some Democrats boycotting the Inauguration festivities and some left wing radicals hoping to disrupt the events, most Americans are celebrating once again America’s peaceful transition of power.

The fact is that out of over 3,100 counties in the United States, Trump carried about 2,600 counties to Clinton’s roughly 500 counties. (

Another fact is that most Americans believed that America was on the wrong track preceding the 2016 presidential election. Last summer, RealClearPolitics was reporting nearly 70% of the average “Direction of Country” polls indicated America was on the wrong track. (

Those type of polling numbers definitely signaled America wanted change.  Clearly, the failed policies of the Obama administration were being rejected.  Obama personally made the Trump – Clinton presidential election a referendum on his legacy and America voted down Obama’s policies.

Trump’s theme and message to “Make America Great Again” resonated with voters that were angry with the lack of progress by both parties in resolving the big issues facing America in 2016.  Trump was viewed as a tough leader that would “drain the swamp.” That’s why Trump was ultimately elected and that’s why Trump has a clear and convincing mandate for change.

America sees Trump as a strong leader, a modern day General Patton, who will lead the nation to make real and positive change.  That’s why optimism permeates Trump’s Inauguration. America is expecting great change.

Trump’s Impact on America’s Optimism

  • The Investor’s Business Daily’s IBD/TIPP Poll Economic Optimism Index Overall hit a 10 year high this month on the hopes of Trump’s presidency. The Index considers numbers greater than 50% as optimistic and numbers lower than 50% as pessimistic. The Index average has been about 49% since 2000, a pessimistic indication. Currently, it’s sitting at nearly 56%, an optimistic signal. (
  • According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) small business optimism “skyrocketed in December.” Its Small Business Optimism Index jumped to its highest point in about 12 years. (
    • Plans to Increase Employment – UP Net 16% since August
    • Plans to Make Capital Outlays – UP Net 29% since August
    • Expect Economy to Improve – UP Net 50% since August
  • The Consumer Board Consumer Confidence Index saw a 13 year high in optimism in December. The CCI increase reflected optimism for the economy, jobs, income, and stock prices. (

The Constitution, Freedom and Prosperity are Coming Back!

The subtitle of my book Great News for America was The Constitution, Freedom and Prosperity are Coming Back!

I’m happy to report that indeed we can look forward to the Constitution, Freedom and Prosperity coming back.

That’s why America is once again optimistic. That’s why Trump’s Inauguration is an optimistic celebration.

For More Information on the Presidential Transition and the New Conservative Era

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