Trump’s First 100 Days Report Card

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Trump’s First 100 Days Report Card + Some Other Report Cards

This weekend, Trump’s first 100 day milestone is coming up. But, others will get report cards too! Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, House Republicans, the Democratic Party, the Alt Left, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and colleges and universities that no longer protect (or encourage!) free speech also get report cards as well.  Let’s think about these report cards and then talk about Trump’s next 1,361 days during his term of office …

Trump’s First 100 Days

  • Executive Orders … A+
    • President Trump issued about 36 Executive Orders during his first 100 days in office, exceeding any other president in recent decades
  • Illegal Immigration … A+
    • During President Trump’s first 100 days, illegal border crossings have dropped between 61% and 90% depending on the source of information you choose
  • Supreme Court Nominee … A+
    • President Trump nominated an outstanding Constitutional conservative to the Supreme Court that was confirmed by the Senate
  • Economic Growth and Prosperity … A+
    • 500,000 new jobs
    • Stocks up about 12%
    • This week NASDAQ went over 6000 for the first time ever
    • Optimism indices are up – An example is the Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index. It hit the highest level in 16 years.
    • National Association of Home Builders Confidence Index currently is at its highest level in 12 years
    • High investment in U.S. economy by corporations
    • Buy American / Hire American Executive Order and Agenda
    • and more
  • Tax Cuts … I (Incomplete)
    • President Trump continues to fight for both middle class and corporate tax cuts that should boost GDP. Needs Congress to pass the tax cuts.
  • Energy Independence and Prosperity … A+
    • President Trump approved the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline (also adds jobs to the American Economy)
    • President Trump ended Obama’s war on fossil fuels by dramatically cutting energy regulations
    • Cut job-killing regulations on the production of oil, natural gas, and shale energy
  • Free and Fair Trade … A+
    • President Trump withdrew the U. S. from the Trade-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement
  • Cabinet Appointments … A+
    • President Trump appointed an outstanding group of top flight CEOs/Executives who are able to be leaders, managers, and meet policy objectives.
    • Plus, he appointed top tier Generals to help protect America in these tumultuous times.
  • Repeal and Replace ObamaCare … I (Incomplete)
    • Delegated the job to Paul Ryan who didn’t get the job done
    • Gave the job to VP Mike Pence who is leading the effort to find consensus among House Republicans
  • Border Wall … I (Incomplete)
    • Getting major push back from the House
    • Is Paul Ryan once again failing to get the job done?
  • Sanctuary Cities … B+
    • Attorney General Sessions has placed nine cities on notice that they might lose some Federal funding for failing to obey or blocking the immigration laws already on the books
  • Foreign Policy – China … B+
    • President Trump got trade concessions from China and their agreement to attempt to reign in North Korea
  • Foreign Policy – Syria (and signal to other countries) … A+
    • President Trump took a tough stance against Syria’s use of chemical weapons by ordering an attack on the Syrian airbase with 59 Tomahawk E Class cruise missiles
  • Foreign Policy – Iran … B+
    • Put Iran on notice that they need to abide by international agreements. New sanctions placed on 25 Iranian entities.
  • Foreign Policy – North Korea … A+
    • President Trump sent a loud message to North Korea that it will not tolerate its continued nuclear and missile threats against the U. S.
  • and more …

Other Related Report Cards

During Trump’s first 100 days, how did others score on their report cards?  Let’s take a look …

  • Paul Ryan … C-
    • Failed to lead and build consensus on the ObamaCare repeal and replace legislation
    • Failed to move Trump agenda forward quickly
    • Did not help President Trump as much as Americans probably wanted
    • Congress’ approval rating has dropped again
  • Mitch McConnell … A+
    • Triggered the nuclear option, shut down the Neil Gorsuch filibuster effort, and got the Constitutional conservative on the Supreme Court
  • Democratic Party … F
    • Continues to move to the radical, far left
    • Continues to be lead by mostly old liberals, not cultivatng younger leadership
    • Seems to be alienating more and more traditional members of its base
    • Seems to be out-of-touch with the American people on many issues across the board
    • Seems to many voters as having primarily an obstructionist agenda
    • Will likely be a permanent minority party for two generations to come
    • Might still disband completely
    • Recall my prediction: “The Democratic party (as we know it) will end in 2016.” [Taken from my book: Great News for America, page 98.]
  • Alt Left … F
    • Seem to be against any conservatives that want to speak on a college campus
    • Seem to be against Free Speech, unless it agress with their narrow, far left views
    • Seem to be against the Electoral College and our election results, unless they win an election
    • Seem to be against the Constitution
    • Seem to be against the Rule of Law and any law they oppose
    • Seem to be for Sanctuary Cities because they oppose enforcing immigration laws
    • Seem to be willing to tolerate violence against people and damage to property to further their political views
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals … F
    • Seem to have problems interpreting the laws as written
    • Also, seems to have problems making timely decisions
  • Colleges and Universities … F
    • Failing to educate students
    • Prefer to indoctrinate students with progressive socialist dogma
    • Failing to protect and encourage Freedom of Speech
    • Do students really need safe spaces and coloring books?
    • How will students ever deal with the real world when they get out of college?
  • Old Mainstream Media … F
    • Seem to prefer Fake News to Real News.
    • Their Business Models and profits are threatened.

What Should Trump Do for the Next 100 Days? The Next 1,361 Days in his Term of Office?

Here’s a simple and straight-forward strategy for the days leading up to the 2018 midterm elections …

  1. Trump should send to Congress bills for everything he wants passed into law. Act on his promises.
  2. Trump should make a list of any members in the House or Senate that oppose his agenda.
  3. In 2018, campaign against any House or Senate members that have opposed his agenda. Attempt to get a new Congress in 2019 that is not an obstructionist Congress.

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