Trump’s Battle with the Left

Trump’s Battle with the Left – Part of America’s Uncivil War

Trump’s Battle with the Left is truly unprecedented. Never before in America’s 240 years of history has an ideological movement on a broad scale abandoned Constitutional principles, attacked the fundamental ideas associated with freedom and free markets, and attempted to block a sitting presidential administration from faithfully carrying out its responsibilities. Plus, all of this is done under a false and dishonest leftist narrative about Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign that is completely unsupported by any facts.

Clearly, Trump’s Battle with the Left began and continues because the Left refuses to accept the results of the November presidential election. It is not simply one party, the Democratic Party, debating an issue or a policy in the usual give-and-take of normal political debate. It appears to be a highly organized and orchestrated attempt to nullify the presidential election in one or more of the following ways:

  • Block Trump from carrying through on his agenda (that was well articulated, consistently throughout the campaign, and was mandated by the election results)
  • Block Trump from achieving his signature promises on repealing and replacing ObamaCare, cutting illegal immigration, and building a wall
  • Block Trump from getting funding and budgetary priorities through during the FY17 budget process
  • Block Trump from having his appointees approved in a direct and timely manner
  • Block Trump from reversing the prior administration’s failed policies and Executive Orders
  • Block Trump from implementing new policies by activist judges whose political views differ with the Trump administration (judge shopping)
  • Attempt to portray Trump’s victory as illegitimate and the result of an unsubstantiated claim of Russian collusion in the presidential election
  • Attempt to stigmatize Trump advisers and appointees as unqualified or extreme or worse
  • Attempt to weaken the President
  • Prevent Trump from draining the swamp and cleaning up Washington DC
  • Request a special prosecutor to investigate Trump and the Trump campaign to tie up, distract and harass the president with a useless fishing expedition
  • Keep Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises for his entire four years in office and set the stage for a leftist president in four years
  • Build the case for the impeachment of Trump without any “high crimes and misdemeanors” or other valid reasons to justify impeachment
  • Impeach Trump as soon as possible to maintain the swamp as America’s status quo government

Trump’s Battle with the Left – The Left’s Weapons

  • The old Mainstream Media’s constant barrage of negative articles and narratives on Trump and his administration
  • The onslaught of fake news stories – stories that paint a fake picture of reality only to be retracted or rebutted within days
    • Example – Comey was fired after he requested more money for the Russian collusion investigation. NOT TRUE, according to the FBI Deputy Director’s testimony.
    • Example – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to resign over him being the reason for the Comey firing. NOT TRUE, according to Rosenstein himself later.
  • Leftist activist judges ruling against the administration despite strong legal arguments to the contrary
  • Hollywood late night dirty humor
  • Denial of Free Speech on college and university campuses
  • Protests, violence, and riots in the streets
  • Targeting the homes and neighborhoods of key officials with protests and potential harassment and/or intimidation
    • Example – FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s home –
  • Roadblock Democrats in the Senate slow-walking appointments, legislation and budgets

America’s Uncivil War – Other Battles

Trump’s Battle with the Left is not the only battle in America’s Uncivil War. I cover some of the other battles in a related blog post. Please see my blog post from May 1st, 2017 that listed some other battles in America’s Uncivil War. (Link to May 1st, 2017 blog post.) Here are some highlights of that blog post:

Relationships: One report cites that about 10% of couples (married or not married) have ended their relationship due to battles stemming from political differences! Among millennial couples, the statistics are even worse. Political differences result in breakups 22% of the time.

Colleges and universities. Prominent conservative speakers have been met with threats, intimidations, and protests that can erupt into violence, property damage, and riots. The stories surrounding Ann Coulter, Charles Murray and Milo Yiannopoulos are just some of the recent examples prominent in the news. Stifling of Freedom of Speech in America’s Uncivil War goes even further on campuses. It’s not just famous speakers who are unable to speak freely and without incident. Republican students report being “mocked, spat on and punched.” So much for civil discourse and open and friendly debate.

Workplace. America’s Uncivil War shows up as added stress and tension, often as negative feelings and cynicism. Harris Polls, in a study for the American Psychological Association, found 26% of respondents felt stress or tense after the November election and 21% felt negative or cynical. The poll was done between February and March 2017.

Schools. Another example in America’s Uncivil War is the teacher in a Weld County Colorado high school. There students beat a pinata with President Trump’s photo on it as part of a Cinco de Mayo celebration. Certainly, that shows a complete lack of respect for the President of the United States of America.

Who Will Win America’s Uncivil War?

The American people with the strong leadership of President Trump will ultimately prevail in America’s Uncivil War. Why? The long term trends signal a growing momentum among the American people to seek morality in government, continued freedom under the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and a strong desire for peace and prosperity.

America has entered a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era. It is currently frustrating the Left and partly explains their poor behavior. I discuss the reasons for the new Conservative Era in my latest book, Great News for America.

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