Trump’s Achilles Heel

Trump’s Achilles Heel

Trump’s Achilles Heel is real.   It’s true that Trump has dominated news cycles for months and it’s true that he has led, and now continues to lead, the 2016 Republican presidential polls substantially.  He has shown both courage and strength.  He has thrilled crowds with his tough talk.  He has been able to say things that nearly no one else would dare say.  Plus, he has taken on the media.  Trump sometimes looks invincible.  But, if you look more closely, Trump has an Achilles heel.  Let’s discuss it next …

What are Voters Seeking This Year?

Voters want a strong, conservative president in 2016.  As my new book Great News for America shows clearly, Americans are angry, frustrated and upset with politicians who are not following their wishes.  Conservatives are angry, frustrated and upset with sending so-called “conservatives” back to Washington that don’t get the job done when they get elected.  Many progressives are upset too, but for different reasons.

Voters are seeking a conservative president who will defend our nation against homeland terrorist attacks.  They also want a conservative president who will restore America’s morality, eliminate corruption, uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  Finally, they seek a conservative president who will restore our economy to robust economic growth.

What is Trump’s Achilles Heel?

If Trump shows himself to the American people NOT to be a conservative, and to hold progressive views on key issues instead, he will drop in the polls in less than a month’s time.  There are two key points that genuinely concern many conservatives:

  1. Recently, Trump suggested that former Republican Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts (considered by many to be a liberal) might make a great VP running mate.
  2. Recently, Trump’s attacks on Cruz, widely regarded as a solid conservative, also makes Trump sound more like a progressive than a conservative.

If voters perceive Trump as a non-conservative, he will drop precipitously in the polls much as Ben Carson did after the Paris terrorist attacks.  Recall Ben Carson was thought to be weak with his answers on how to react to the Paris attacks.  Subsequently, he quickly dropped in the polls.

For More Information

For more information and my ten surprising predictions for the historic and critical 2016 presidential election, please read my new book Great News for America.