The New Trump World Order

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There’s a New Trump World Order

Have you noticed today that there’s a new Trump world order? That’s right. Look around outside.

The world has dramatically shifted. American foreign policy is new. It’s decisive. It’s based in morality. It values human dignity. It will not abandon first principles. It recognizes red lines in the sand and holds dictators and scoundrels readily accountable.

Indeed, the old Obama foreign policy of “leading from behind” is gone, relegated to that terrible “ash heap of history” that President Reagan made famous in his memorable speech to the British Parliament, House of Commons, in London, in 1982. Yes, that old, stale, weak, and leaderless Obama foreign policy has joined other profoundly defective policies, erroneous ideas, and costly mistakes in western civilization’s “ash heap of history.”

In the new Trump world order, America leads the world once again.

Russia, Syria, Iran, China, North Korea, the U.N. are in Shock!

The new Trump world order has sent Russia, Syria, and Iran as well as China and North Korea, not to mention the global bureaucrats at the U. N. into a collective state of shock.

Trump moved decisively and rapidly against Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own people. America’s two Naval ships off the coast of Syria were called into action on short notice. In fact, it was only two days after President Trump was reported as condemning Syria for their actions.

Trump’s reported words that no child of God should ever suffer such horror in response to the chemical attack on Syrian civilians were clear and concise. His actions were fast and direct . His actions stand in sharp contrast to Obama’s failure to take action with Obama’s own so-called red line in the sand.

The New Trump World Order Will Have Far-Reaching Impact on the Conservative Era We Have Entered

What can we expect from our friends and adversaries around the world? To start with, Respect!

  • America’s word will be taken more seriously
  • America’s friends will rely on our support more securely
  • America’s enemies will fear our resolve more clearly
  • America will be respected again throughout the world as the only superpower in the world

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