Do Trump and Clinton have a Solid Lock on their Potential Nominations?

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Do Trump and Clinton have a Lock on their Potential Nominations?

Trump and Clinton have their nominations all locked up.  At least, that’s what some people think.  Is it really true?  Or, will both Trump and Clinton be overtaken by Cruz and Sanders, or Paul Ryan and Joe Biden?  Let’s discuss this incredible 2016 presidential race now …

Trump and Clinton – How Can their Nominations be Overtaken?

Here are some scenarios that might change who the ultimate Republican nominee is this fall:

  • Neither Trump nor Cruz get to the 1,237 threshold of needed delegates to secure the nomination (after the last primary in June) – At that point, the battle for the Undecided, Unpledged, and Orphan Delegates (before the convention) becomes tantamount.  Cruz with his strong organizational skills and knowledge of GOP rules might easily prevail and win an additional 150 delegates.
    • Example #1 – Louisiana.  Trump carried the State of Louisiana, but Cruz probably will get an additional 10 delegates more than Trump following the rules.
    • Example #2 – Battle for Rubio’s 166 delegates.  They might turn out to be critical in the nomination battle.  Maybe even Jeb Bush’s 4 delegates will push Cruz over the top. Wouldn’t that be ironic?  Just 4 Bush delegates decide the nomination in a close battle.
  • At the convention, neither Trump nor Cruz has 1,237 delegates on the first ballot – Before the second ballot, a new battle begins again for newly freed up delegates who can vote for whomever they wish.  Not true for all delegates, but it is true for many delegates.
  • If the convention goes to multiple ballots, the battle increases.  Trump or Cruz might ultimately win.
  • If the convention deadlocks between Trump and Cruz, it’s possible Paul Ryan or someone else will step in, denying both Trump and Cruz the nomination.

Here are some scenarios that might change who the ultimate Democratic nominee is this fall:

  • According to a Los Angeles Times article this week, the FBI plans to interview some of Clinton’s top aides and associates.  The article also indicates that Clinton might be interviewed as well. – Obviously, if Clinton is indicted during the presidential campaign before, during, or after the Democratic convention, she might not get (or she might lose) the nomination.  Then, we might see Sanders or Biden get the nomination.
  • If Sanders continues to win primary victories, it’s possible Super Delegates might abandon Clinton and go with Sanders or possibly, Elizabeth Warren.
  • If Trump secures the Republican nomination before Clinton obtains the Democratic nomination, it’s possible Trump will switch his attacks to Clinton’s campaign.  If she subsequently drops in the polls precipitously, Clinton might be forced by Democrats to drop out.

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