Thoughts – Selected Thoughts from Dr. Lameiro

Thoughts.  Selected thoughts from Dr. Lameiro’s writings are highlighted here:

  • Lameiro’s Architecture of American Capitalism.  American Capitalism stands on a foundation of key laws, key freedoms, key requirements, and key institutions.  Taken together they create a distinct American Culture, a unique American Government, and the very powerful American Economy.  This is American Capitalism’s infrastructure.  This is the American Civilization.
  • Lameiro’s First Law of Economics.  It is simple, yet profound in its practical consequences for promoting economic growth as well as for promoting global peace and prosperity.  It ties together how religious/cultural, political and economic systems are linked together to form a society and a civilization.
  • Characteristics of a Free Market.  For a Free Market to exist and thrive, Dr. Lameiro identifies nine characteristics.
  • Differences between American Capitalism and Socialism.  American Capitalism and socialism differ remarkably along five dimensions: Spiritual and Moral/Cultural, Political, Economic, Sociological, as well as Impact on Civilization. Dr. Lameiro identifies these critical differences.
  • Socialism’s Chain of Control.  This is a conceptual model that shows why religion, politics and economics are so closely linked together in a society that is socialist, or a society that is moving toward socialism, or a progressive socialist society.

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