Super Tuesday – What to Look for in the Results?

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Super Tuesday – A Big Day in the 2016 Presidential Election

With nearly a dozen States holding primaries and caucuses, with about 600 Republican delegates up for grabs, and with heated rhetoric flowing freely among the presidential contenders, Super Tuesday should be a big day.  It should go a long way in determining who will be nominated.  Of course, according to the polls, many States will go to Trump who appears to be taking a commanding lead in the race.  Yet, the attacks by Rubio and Cruz in the last debate and in the last few days have been rough and tumble.  In fact, 2016 might turn out to be the roughest presidential election ever in American History.   Let’s discuss the potential results we might see …

Super Tuesday – What to Look for in the Results?

Here are ten things to look for in the results that might help to signal the next few weeks in this race and the eventual Republican nominee:

  1. Will Trump run the tables and win in all Super Tuesday contests?
  2. Will Trump exceed any of these delegate thresholds – 200 new delegates, 250 new delegates, 300 new delegates?  Obviously, the higher the better for his campaign.
  3. Will Cruz carry his own State of Texas?
  4. Will Cruz get all 155 Texas Republican delegates?  Consists of all 36 Congressional District delegates (36 x 3 = 108) + all 47 at-large State delegates.
  5. Will any candidate (most likely Trump or Cruz) get 50% of the votes in any one State or in multiple States?
  6. Will Rubio and/or Cruz consistently get at least 20% of the votes in most States?
  7. Will there be a clear and consistent second place finisher in most States (probably Rubio or Cruz)?
  8. Will Rubio or Cruz suspend their campaigns due to their showing?
  9. Will Kasich or Carson get to 20% in any one State or in multiple States?
  10. Will Kasich or Carson suspend their campaigns after the Super Tuesday results are announced?

Super Tuesday – What to Look for Later This Week?

Here are several headline events that might happen later this week or next week:

  1. Mitt Romney jumps in, if Rubio fails to get decisive results on Super Tuesday.
  2. Rubio and Kasich team up as a presidential/ vp team to beat the other candidates.
  3. Cruz and Carson team up as a presidential/ vp team to beat the other candidates.
  4. A surprise conservative announces a third party run.
  5. Michael Bloomberg announces a third party run.

Get Ready for an Exciting, Historic and Critical 2016 Presidential Election

You already know it.  It’s definitely not going to be the usual, typical, presidential election.  You’re going to continue to be surprised … maybe, shocked.  Voter turnout will be historic and record-setting.  The political parties will dramatically change.  Plus, there’s a lot more coming.  Understand this election in a way you won’t find in the mainstream media. Read my new book Great News for America.  You will see the election in a whole new way.