Subpoena Trump – Does It Make Sense?

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Does It Make Sense for the Mueller Investigation to Subpoena President Trump?

If you follow the Mueller investigation, there are now discussions about whether or not the Mueller investigation will subpoena Trump. Despite the fact that Trump has often said that he wanted to talk to Special Counsel Mueller, many Trump supporters and legal advisers are warning Trump that talking to Mueller is essentially a perjury trap. Any exaggeration or factual mistake on the president’s part might be construed by the Special Counsel as lying and therefore a felony.

That’s what might have happened to Michael Flynn. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, even though his actions as future National Security Adviser for president-elect Trump were political and did not violate any laws. Certainly, a president-elect, Trump, can be expected to hold different views from his predecessor, Obama in this case. Michael Flynn simply held a discussion with the Russian ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak about policy. That’s politics, not a felony. It appears that Michael Flynn couldn’t afford a long drawn out legal battle and made a false plea just to save the money and heartache.

By the way, compare Michael Flynn’s political discussion with former Secretary of State John Kerry’s current meddling in President Trump’s decision on ending the terrible Iranian nuclear deal. Maybe, someone needs to tell Kerry that Trump won the election and is entitled to follow through on his campaign statements against the Iranian deal. By the way, maybe the Logan Act needs to get dusted off and applied to Kerry.

To Subpoena Trump Makes No Sense Whatsoever

Just think what it means to subpoena Trump. It means an inferior officer in the Executive Branch would be attempting to compel the president to testify. In effect, the inferior officer would be performing oversight on the president and the president’s carrying out of his duties defined in Article 2 of the Constitution. To attempt to subpoena Trump is ludicrous and would not stand up in the Supreme Court for a moment.

Trump Can’t Be Compelled to Testify

Trump can’t be compelled to testify. He can’t be accused of obstruction of justice. He can’t be indicted for a crime that didn’t happen.

The Political Future of the Mueller Investigation

As the Democratic Party recognizes that the so-called Trump campaign – Russian collusion story didn’t work to get rid of Trump, and as they realize that it’s costing them seats in the House and Senate this fall, I predict the Mueller investigation will collapse.

Some have suggested the Mueller investigation will go dark for a few months during the election campaign this fall. I doubt it. I think it will just shut down permanently by late July at the latest.

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