Who Will Win the State-of-the-Union Battle – Trump or Pelosi?

President Trump vs Speaker Pelosi 2019 State of the Union Battle – Who Wins? Who Loses?

The State-of-the-Union Battle between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi is the latest disagreement that is being triggered by the refusal of the House Democrats to fund the $5.7 Billion sought by President Trump for a wall to shut down the illegal immigrant flow of people and drugs through the southern border.

President Trump clearly believes that illegal immigration and the lack of adequate border security represents both a national security and humanitarian crisis to the United States. He seeks $5.7 Billion for a physical wall to block major strategic holes in our porous southern border.

Speaker Pelosi, in sharp contrast, said that she would not allow even $1 of funding for a border wall, calling it immoral. Certainly, her position is an extreme position.

An offer to even fund $2.5 Billion would be a reasonable bargaining position. But, she won’t allow even $1 to be spent to protect America – from illegal immigration, the flow of drugs, the reality of diseases, violent criminals, dangerous terrorists, and the chaos resulting from thousands of poor immigrants overwhelming our laws and our immigration systems – seems incredulous.

What is the State-of-the-Union Battle?

Simply put, the SOTU message by the president to a joint session of Congress is the annual opportunity for the president to communicate both the accomplishments of the nation and the challenges facing the nation.

President Trump wants to give the address on schedule and on location.

Speaker Pelosi doesn’t want to give President Trump the air-time to highlight his notable accomplishments and the illegal immigration and border security issues that the Democrats do not want to address.

Speaker Pelosi will not permit the president from delivering his SOTU address on January 29th on schedule in the House chambers.

It is an absurd act of resistance to prevent the president from addressing the American people.

Who Will Win the State-of-the-Union Battle? Who Will Lose?

Both sides have dug their heels in, thinking their position will win out. Who will win? Who will lose? Is there a short-term winner? And, a different long-term winner?

To what extent are the polls accurate?

President Trump will likely win this battle and the larger illegal immigration and border security battle. Why?

  • President Trump continues to build popularity and support with his conservative and populist base
  • President Trump continues to increase his popularity and support for his stance on resolving the illegal immigration and border security issues that are simmering in the minds of many groups that sense the seriousness of these issues to their own peace and prosperity – gangs, drugs, safety in their cities and towns, entry level jobs, etc.
  • President Trump is picking up support from the widespread splintering of identity groups

In addition, the House Democrats are hurting themselves:

  • The House Democrats by throwing up ridiculous degrees of resistance to the president are showing that they are radical and extreme
  • The House Democrats are setting the stage for President Trump’s re-election in 2020
  • The House Democrats are setting the stage to lose the House to conservatives in 2020