Dr. Lameiro’s Optimistic Vision for America

According to Dr. Lameiro, there is truly more great news for America coming soon.  Our optimism as a nation is high and growing even higher.  Our economy is booming.  GDP is up and growing stronger.  The energy sector is up and to the right.  Unemployment is low and the number of Americans working is high.  The stock market has hit one record high after another since the 2016 presidential election.  Many have seen their 401Ks and IRAs jump up since President Trump’s election.

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Literally, trillions of dollars of new wealth have been created in America since President Trump was elected.  Billions of new dollars are being invested in the American economy.

In foreign policy, we have America once again in a position of leadership on the world stage.  We are leading from out front and no longer from behind.  ISIS has been essentially defeated and North Korea’s nuclear and ICBM ambitions have been largely contained.  America has a new tough and powerful National Security Strategy.

We are witnessing the dawning of the new Conservative Era in American Constitutional History with a conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court on the horizon in President Trump’s first term of office.  Indeed, President Trump will probably appoint three more Constitutional conservative justices to the Supreme Court in the next few years.

At the same time, we are seeing a related new Conservative Enlightenment that will impact America in positive ways for decades to come.  Indeed, it is challenging to imagine all the wonderful developments that this Conservative Enlightenment will add to our lives and our lifestyles in the future.  But, it will be amazing and spectacular.

Medical, technological, economic, educational, and recreational innovations and improvements will usher in a new quality of life for all Americans.  Our lifestyles will stagger the imagination.

But, don’t expect to read about all this great news in the old mainstream media.  They are too busy attacking President Trump and resisting America’s progress.

Why this news will not show up in the old mainstream media?  Of course, you won’t hear this news from the old mainstream media whose relentless attacks on America’s traditional institutions and whose frequent fake news stories don’t permit great news from being reported.  True stories that don’t fit the old mainstream media’s socialist narratives are routinely rejected and go largely unreported.

Freedom is optimistic and positive.  Socialism is pessimistic and negative.

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