South Carolina Primary – An Important Battleground State

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South Carolina Primary – An Important Battleground State

South Carolina Primary is next Saturday, February 20th.

Last Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate was filled with vigorous debate, heated arguments, tough charges, rough counter-charges, pointed insults and more!  Two of the words heard often were “lie” and “liar.”  It was a debate filled with verbal fireworks, uncomfortable friction, and unresolved issues.  What’s going on?  Why is this presidential election year so different from others? Why is it so contentious with so much animosity?  What type of president are Americans seeking in 2016?

South Carolina Primary – Why is the SC Primary So Contentious?

The stakes are high in 2016.  As I discuss in my new book, Great News for America,  the 2016 election is an historic and critical presidential election.  Historic means that the voter turnout will be very high. Critical means that we can expect both political parties to face realignments that are major.

The South Carolina Republican debate was contentious and filled with animosity precisely because the stakes are so high.  The end of the Republican Party, as we have known it, is coming soon.  The fight is on for the heart, soul and mind of the newly constituted party that will take its place.  We have seen the Republican presidential candidate pool drop from 17 individuals to now just 6.  The candidates are literally fighting for their survival and the future of the Republican Party and what it will become.

South Carolina Primary – Comprehensive vs. Cafeteria Conservatives?

Some of the six candidates offer comprehensive conservative solutions.  Others are more cafeteria conservatives focusing on several conservative positions on selected issues.

Some voters will probably support comprehensive conservatives that are top to bottom conservatives across most all issues.  Other voters will pick cafeteria conservatives based on a particular solution to a particular important issue.

Finally, some voters will probably go for a particular candidate based on the candidate’s leadership profile and/or personality.  According to my Ten Laws for Winning Presidential Elections, voters seek presidents who have the 4 C’s of presidential leadership:

  1. Confidence,
  2. Courage (including integrity and optimism),
  3. Caring, and
  4. Competence.

The Big Issues for the Voters

South Carolina voters and voters across America have these keys issues on their mind today:

  1. Finding a president who will be a strong, tough, commander-in-chief,
  2. Finding a president who will restore morality to our government and who will restore our individual freedoms,
  3. Finding a president who will protect our national security, and
  4. Finding a president who will restore economic growth and prosperity.

Great News for America

To read more about the historic and critical 2016 presidential election, please read my new book Great News for America.  It makes ten surprising predictions that will probably happen before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.  It’s available in print and Kindle editions and is available through Amazon and other retail booksellers.  You can also click here to buy a copy now.