Socialism – Top Issue for 2020 Election?

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Socialism vs. Capitalism is Shaping Up as the Top Issue for the 2020 Presidential Election

It looks like the Democratic Party will fracture itself in the run-up to the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination with the key battle over the future of that party – socialism or traditional democratic issues like helping blue collar workers.

The battle will play out between traditional Establishment Democrats like former VP Joe Biden and socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders. Also, in the fray will be newer socialists like Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Cory Booker. Michelle Obama might join in on the side of socialism.

The momentum and energy and voter intensity on the Democratic Party side seems to be moving toward socialism as their message and strategy for the future.

The traditional Establishment Democrats seem to be stuck in the past. Their attempts to attack and resist Trump and to block and litigate his policies appears to have gone nowhere. Plus, their strategy of negativity has resulted in turning off many former democrats and even substantial numbers of independents.

Current democrats now seek new faces, new policies, and a totally new strategy and direction. They appear open to embrace socialism as the only new answer offered to them by Democratic Party members, and Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the democrats.

Free college tuition, free Medicare for all, free universal basic income, sound more positive than the old democrats’ negative party line.

Free sells! That’s largely why socialism sells.

Let’s call this the democrats “Free Lunch Strategy.”

President Trump Seems to be Making Socialism his Issue of Choice

While the Democratic Party is in the process of becoming the new Democratic Socialist Party for 2020 (ultimately, it will fail politically), President Trump sees socialism as the antithesis of what Americans really want.

Trump correctly knows that the socialist free lunch strategy will not sustain his criticism of it. He thinks it can’t withstand:

  • The obvious “price tags” of the socialist programs
  • The horrible taxes the middle class will have to pay
  • The confiscation of wealth from the top 10% of Americans
  • The incredible inflation that will be needed to pay for the programs
  • The level of borrowing America would require from the Chinese
  • The weakening of the dollar in the global markets
  • The end of free enterprise and free markets
  • The end of entrepreneurship, competition, and innovation
  • The end of America’s economic growth and prosperity
  • The ultimate lowering of America’s standard of living

Plus, President Trump will highlight the key weakness in socialism. The biggest cost of all of these free programs is FREEDOM.

The Price of Socialism in America would be Our Freedom and Prosperity

Socialism is a failure theoretically and in practice. The more socialism is implemented in a country, the more devastating are the results.

Venezuela is the latest political and economic disaster in the news. Can we imagine what 1,000,000% (one million percent) inflation is like? It’s tragic that in a relatively short period of time, socialism destroyed one of the richest nations in South America.

Socialism in One Sentence

Socialism (and the democrats that propose socialism) offer a Free Lunch, but, the cost is your Freedom.

Don’t be fooled by this ideology of failure. As I have said: “Socialism always leads to moral and economic bankruptcy.” Source: my book
America’s Economic War: Your Freedom, Money and Life .

For More Information

My book America’s Economic War: Your Freedom, Money and Life was prophetic. It understood and explained the war between American Capitalism and Socialism that I saw coming to America. It’s here now and in full bloom.

America’s Economic War: Your Freedom, Money and Life is available in print and Kindle editions. It’s available from Amazon and other book retailers. It reads easily. But it contains lots of background information in the endnotes for those who seek to learn even more. It’s 343-pages long with 580 endnotes at the end of the book.

Note, since this is a 2009 book, you might have to scroll down to find it when searching book retailers. It discusses the war between American Capitalism and Socialism that we are seeing today. We are seeing that war play out right now.