Should We Expect an Uncivil, “Civil War of Words” in the Republican Party Next?

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As we rapidly approach the Republican presidential caucuses and primaries in about two months, should we expect to see an uncivil, “civil war of words?”  It’s true that Trump and Cruz appear to be methodically moving ahead in the presidential nomination race.  Please see my blog post from last week for more details on Trump and Cruz.  If that continues to turn out true, no “establishment” Republican candidate will be nominated by the Republican Party.  It’s reasonable to expect that Republicans and the mainstream media will not rollover and give up.  Starting very soon, we can expect to see an all out assault on Trump and Cruz.  Let’s discuss this situation now …

What Will an Uncivil, “Civil War of Words” Look Like?

  1. Republican Candidate Rhetoric Heats Up Dramatically – Establishment Republican candidates and other anti-establishment Republican candidates will probably begin to make major attacks on Trump and Cruz.  The caucus and primary season will fly by and the next two months might be their only chance to change the dynamics of the race.  If a candidate only gets 1% in the polls by March 15th, it would take a miracle to get the nomination next summer at the convention.
  2. Attack Ads Increase in Quantity and Negativity – Ads attacking Trump and Cruz will proliferate.  Millions of dollars of attack ads will probably be directed against Trump and Cruz.  Trump’s motive for running and his conservative credentials will be questioned.  Cruz will be attacked for not being a loyal Republican and ”extremism.”
  3. Mainstream Media (MSM) Will Likely Try to “Trump” Up Stories against Trump and Cruz. If we knew what stories might come up in the next two months, we might be completely surprised today.  Honesty and integrity might not even be a factor in developing these stories.  Remember, the mainstream media always seem to prefer a weak Republican candidate to make it easier for a progressive or socialist candidate to win.  Another John McCain or Mitt Romney would probably suit the MSM just fine.

Who Will Win the Uncivil, “Civil War of Words?”

The American people are ultimately going to win.  They know that the MSM is no longer even remotely fair and unbiased.  They recognize the progressive socialist narratives in the news.  They are tuning out the MSM and negative stories about the Republican candidates they favor.  They will vote for strong conservative candidates in 2016.

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