Who will Win America’s Second Revolution?

America’s Second Revolution is Taking Place This Year – Who will Win?

Look around America today – from coast to coast – from Seattle and Los Angeles – to New York City and Washington – America is fighting it’s Second Revolution. 2020 bears little resemblance to 1776, but America’s Second Revolution is just as important and just as vital to America as our First Revolution, the War of Independence, against King George and Great Britain in 1776.

We see Anarchy, Lawlessness, Violence, Chaos in America

In 2020, we see anarchy, lawlessness, violence, and chaos in America – it’s truly America’s Second Revolution. It’s led by groups like Marxist “Black Lives Matter” and anarchists “Antifa.” But, it’s enabled and empowered by Democratic politicians, who should uphold the rule of law.

If you doubt the Marxist influence, consider the evidence. For example, according to a New York Post article in June:

“Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation, according to a report.”

[Source: https://nypost.com/2020/06/25/blm-co-founder-describes-herself-as-trained-marxist/ ]

Another online publication, The New Era, indicates that Black Lives Matter is not a slogan; it’s not an ideal; and it’s not even a grassroots movement. Rather, Black Lives Matter “is a Marxist political organization funded by … socialist billionaires” and also “conscience-laundering” companies that seek to “pass … media inspection.”

[Source: https://www.sweethomenews.com/story/2020/07/01/opinion/blm-not-what-it-appears-to-be/23185.html ]

Regarding Statues … Take Away A People’s Heritage … They are Easily Destroyed

The New Era goes on to help us understand why all these statues from American History are being destroyed:

“Karl Marx himself taught their violent methods, starting with their attack on history in these words: “Take away the heritage of a people and they are easily destroyed.””

[Source: https://www.sweethomenews.com/story/2020/07/01/opinion/blm-not-what-it-appears-to-be/23185.html ]

Democrats and Socialists vs. Trump and Freedom Lovers

Truly, America’s Second Revolution is a ideological battle between Marxists, Socialists, and Communists that seek to fundamentally transform America from a Constitutional Republic that guarantees Americans’ individual freedom – religious freedom, political freedom, economic freedom, and intellectual freedom – to a socialist country that is controlled by a totalitarian dictatorship.

This battle pits the Marxists, Socialists, and Communists against conservatives who seek to protect America as it was founded in 1776.

We see the battle in our cities and streets across America in 2020. We see on-going violence and chaos. We see buildings burning down and widespread looting of businesses. We see hundreds of police officers attacked, some purposely ambushed, and many even killed in the line of duty. We see statues defaced and destroyed.

Strikingly, we see Democratic Governors of some States and Democratic Mayors of many cities fail to protect their citizens and public and private property from the mobs. Often, these same Democratic politicians order the police to stand down and effectively give the protesters permission to destroy their neighborhoods and cities.

We also see Democratic politicians pushing for so-called bail reforms. These bail reforms mean that people are arrested and immediately released, free to commit more potential crimes.

We see other politicians releasing hardened criminals from jail out of Covid virus fears and at the same time arresting small business owners for violating Covid virus lockdown orders.

The Democratic Party is no longer the party of Andrew Jackson or John F. Kennedy. It has morphed from the party of JFK – known for its liberal views – to a progressive (socialist) party – to today’s radical leftist party that seeks to transform America with its overtly and openly Marxist, Socialist, and Communist agenda.

America’s Second Revolution is Taking Place This Year – Who will Win the 2020 Election?

I predict the 2020 Election will be an historic and critical presidential election. It will also be a follow-through presidential election, building on the recent 2016 historic presidential election. Besides Trump’s landslide reelection, the House will flip back to Republican control by 5 – 8 seats and the Senate will gain one more seat for Republicans. The mainstream media will be shocked again.

I also predict a larger than anticipated election turnout. America’s Second Revolution will bring out voters that normally don’t pay attention to elections and normally don’t vote.

People will be voting for the four important principles they seek in government:

  • Morality (of the government)
  • Freedom (for every individual protected by the government)
  • Peace (at home, in the streets, and with other nations protected by the government)
  • Prosperity (enabled by freedom and good government policies)

Voters will be voting for:

  • Freedom from unnecessary Covid virus lockdown restrictions
  • Freedom from anarchy, lawlessness, violence, and chaos in our neighborhoods and cities

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