Russian Collusion – Another Nothing Burger

Russian Collusion – A Political Diet with More Empty Calories

Another week and a another story about possible Russian collusion by the Trump campaign, it truly is getting a bit old and monotonous! It is a steady political diet of empty calories.

What’s the Latest Narrative about Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign?

  • Donald Trump, Jr. was lured to a meeting with a Russian lawyer presumably because they might have some negative information on the Clinton presidential campaign.
  • It turns out that there was no negative information on the Clinton campaign to share with Donald Jr.
  • Instead, apparently the Russian lawyer wanted to lobby for the repeal of the 2012 Magnitsky Act that punishes Russians who violate human rights by seizing assets and denying entry in the U.S. (Note – Putin had responded to this act by cutting off baby adoptions.)

Russian Collusion – Another Nothing Burger

The bottom line is simple. Another story about another non event.

  • No negative information about the Clinton campaign was exchanged.
  • Just another lobbyist seeking to lobby for her cause.
  • No Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.
  • Another nothing burger in the long, steady stream of nothing burger stories from a media that wants to block the Trump agenda.

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