Trump and the Roadblock Republicans

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Who are the Roadblock Republicans?

The Roadblock Republicans have been called lots of names over the last few decades. They have been called Establishment Republicans or the Republican Establishment. They have been called RINOs – Republicans in Name Only. They have been called Moderates or Moderate Republicans as well as Liberal Republicans. Years ago, they might have been called Rockefeller Republicans and sometimes East Coast Liberal Establishment Republicans.

Whatever they were called, they had a few things in common. They seemed to agree with Democrats on many issues, but generally supported and voted for more moderate versions of progressive socialist policies and programs. They were often termed as Democrats Lite.

In fact, these Establishment Republicans were so close to being Democrats that many people concluded that America was run by a single Establishment Party. In effect, voters often thought the two parties were indistinguishable.

One of the main reasons for the anger the American voters felt during the historic and critical presidential election of 2016 was that Republicans often campaigned as conservatives, but governed as Democrats. For example, despite the historic turnover of 63 Houses seats in 2010 and the important takeover of the Senate by Republicans in 2014, voters didn’t get the repeal of ObamaCare they really wanted.

Roadblock Republicans is another name for Establishment Republicans that have campaigned as conservatives before and during the 2016 elections and now are effectively blocking the Trump agenda. They have been a roadblock to the complete repeal of ObamaCare and the implementation of a free market in health care, with the competition that will ultimately drive down costs and help the American people.

Roadblock Republicans are also a roadblock to funding the border wall Trump promised. Yet, they continue to fund Sanctuary Cities and Planned Parenthood.

Will the Roadblock Republicans Succeed in Blocking President Trump?

No! The long term and short term trends are clear. American voters want a return to morality and freedom in government, peace and prosperity at home. These things are summed up concisely in my list of Conservative Principles.

How Will Trump Handle the Roadblock Republicans?

Step #1 – Take the Lead in Initiating Legislation and Budgets

After Speaker Ryan’s failure to achieve the repeal of ObamaCare, VP Mike Pence took the lead for the administration. Trump needs to take a stronger leadership stance on other legislative and budget battles in Congress.

Step #2 – Take the Legislation and Budgets Directly to the American People

President Trump should use Twitter, social media, and rallies to reach out to Americans for their specific support. He should ask them to flood Congressional phone lines and email inboxes with their support for his legislative and budgetary issues.

Step #3 – Take Down the Names of Senators and Representatives who are Roadblocks to Achieving the Trump Agenda

It’s important to know who is getting in the way of the Conservative Era that I speak about in my book, Great News for America.

Step #4 – In 2018, Campaign against Roadblock Republicans in Republican Primaries as well as Roadblock Democrats in the General Elections

Once again, President Trump should use Twitter, social media, and rallies to reach out to Americans and get them to elect Senators and Representatives that will get the job done.

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