Republican Presidential Candidates vs. Mainstream Media – Who Will Win?

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The Politico article about Ben Carson opened up the issue again.  The recent Republican presidential debate hosted by CNBC and their relentless attack questions fueled the issue too.  The reality is that the mainstream media makes no pretense of being objective journalists any more.  They are partisans with a definite agenda.  They are attacking the Republican presidential candidates.  Of course, progressive and socialist candidates get essentially a free ride with softball questions.  The Republican presidential candidates versus the mainstream media (MSM) – who is going to win?  Let’s talk about the issue now …

How Does the Mainstream Media (MSM) Work Today?

The MSM spend their time and resources attacking the Republican presidential candidates.  The higher a Republican candidate goes up in the polls, the better the chances they will be attacked.

The attacks take many forms.  They can be attack questions at a debate.  Remember these CNBC debate questions:

  • “Mr. Trump … Let’s be honest.  Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?”
  • “Senator Rubio … You have a lack of bookkeeping skills….It raises the question whether you have the maturity and wisdom to lead this $17 trillion economy. What do you say?”

They can also be attack interviews on-air, or attack articles in the media itself.  Of course, they can attack anything you said in a current book or anything you said 30 years ago.  They can also imply things a candidate never really said.

Even if an attack is totally proven to be false, enough people might have read the headlines and some lasting damage might have stuck.

The bottom line is the MSM attacks the Republican presidential candidates.

How Does the MSM not Work Today?

They don’t criticize progressive or socialist candidates for office.  They also don’t attack candidates on the other side.  They give them softball questions in the debate, not attack questions.  They also fail to disclose important points, facts and serious issues about progressives and socialists.

What Will the Republican Candidates Do to Deal with the Obvious Major Bias of the MSM?

I expect counter-attacks against individuals attack questions, against MSM hosts and reporters, against columnists and others that are unfair or dishonest.

I don’t think the Republican candidates will sit back in this presidential election and take it.  I think the American people are angry, frustrated and upset with the bias and unfairness of the media.  I think the Republican candidates will counter-attack the MSM.

How are the American People Reacting to the MSM?

As I have written in January 2015, it’s clear that the business model of the MSM has been breaking down in recent years. Loss of listeners, loss of readers, loss of trust in the content … all have resulted in loss of revenues and profits. Remember, most MSM outlets are businesses that require revenues and profits to stay afloat, unless of course, someone subsidizes their activities. As listeners and readers have left the MSM, so too, advertisers have fled the MSM.

I have predicted that we can expect the end of the mainstream media (as we have known it).  They have lost their credibility and their monopoly.

Americans will continue to vote with their pocketbooks to listen to the new media, social media and Talk Radio.

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