Will the Republican Party Split into Two Parties?

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Will the Republican Party Split into Two Separate Parties in 2018 or 2019?

It’s becoming increasingly likely that there will be a Republican Party split into two separate parties in 2018 or 2019. The difference between conservative Republicans and establishment Republicans are becoming more intractable and more profound.

The conservative wing of the party seems frustrated, unable to push through the reforms most Republicans have campaigned on over the last decade or so. Also, the establishment Republicans align more closely with the old Democrat establishment causing a lot of frustration.

Gridlock seems the normal way in Washington despite the fact that one party ostensibly controls The White House and both the House and Senate.

Both major sides in the Republican Party are at odds with each other and not willing to either budge a little, let alone compromise enough to get legislation through. Of course, the Democrats can’t agree with the Republicans much either.

There are quite a few Congressional members who are planning to resign or retire, even in the powerful House Ways and Means Committee with its coveted, hard to win seats.

A major political party realignment is probably taking place right now. I predicted back in 2015 and 2016 that a major political party realignment would happen. We are likely to see the frustration  reach a tipping point in 2018 or 2019 and the final political party realignment take place.

What will Happen to the Republican Party?

If the division continues to accelerate between the feuding Republican Party factions, I see a Republican Party split that divides the GOP into two new and separate parties:

  • Conservative Party (the majority party)
  • Republican Progressive Party (the minority party)

The Conservative Party will consist of traditional conservatives (social and economic conservatives) plus those who believe in a strong military, foreign policy leadership, and secure borders.

The Republican Progressive Party will consist of the old establishment Republicans including Paul Ryan (no longer Speaker of the House) and Mitch McConnell (no longer the Majority Leader in the Senate). This newly formed minority party will also include the old establishment Democrats who were progressives. Expect John Kasich, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain to join this new secondary party.

What will Happen to the Democrat Party?

It will disappear into the dustbin of history.  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others will probably switch to the Socialist Party (a minor party with few followers). The old establishment Democrats, as I said before, will join the newly formed Republican Progressive Party.

America no longer has the Whigs or the Know-Nothings. Parties do come to an end. The Democrat Party is about to become history.

Excitement is Building for “More Great News for America”

A new book “More Great News for America” by Dr. Lameiro on President Trump, the Trump agenda, the 2018 Congressional elections, and key political developments in 2018 and 2019 is coming soon! Importantly, Dr. Lameiro’s new book will answer the question: How will the two newly formed political parties actually design and align themselves in the next two years. It will be shocking to many observers. History is taking place right before for our eyes. Get a front row seat by reading “More Great News for America.” Watch for more information.