Will the Republican Party Split into Two Parties?

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Will Trump Signing the Omnibus Bill Cause a Republican Party Split into Two New Parties?

A potential Republican Party split has been on the verge of happening for years, but the rank and file party members have been giving the Republican Party one chance after another to fix their problems.

The Republican Party has been divided down the middle like a political San Andreas Fault. On one side are the conservatives who believe in traditional conservative values, smaller government, strong national defense, lower taxes, fewer regulations, a strong and stable monetary supple. In sharp contrast, on the other side of the San Andreas Fault line were the Establishment Republicans, the often called RINOs – Republicans in Name Only. RINOs seemed to be like Democrats-Lite, sympathetic to big government and progressive programs and parties.

In the past, sometimes voters would say that they could not see any differences between the Establishment Republicans and the Democratic Party. They were so similar in policy preferences.

The Establishment Republicans didn’t want Trump nominated to be their presidential candidate. Jeb Bush was the pre-ordained party choice. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich – none of them were happy with the Trump nomination. Recall, too, Mitt Romney’s views on Trump.

RINOs have fought Trump on repealing and replacing Obamacare. They barely passed his tax cuts.

Then, comes the Omnibus Bill. Democrats were ecstatic. Many conservatives were depressed. Once again, the Republican Party has turned away from its constituents – including their base voters and the other voters, who joined with the Republican electorate.

The Omnibus Bill is a Political Tipping Point – the Republican Party Split into Two New Parties is Coming!

The voters gave the House to the Republicans in 2010 – the Establishment Republicans ignored the election results.

The voters gave the Senate to the Republicans in 2014 – the Establishment Republicans once again ignored the will of the people.

The voters gave the White House to a Republican in 2016. This time they elected an outsider to assure getting what they wanted. But, the Establishment Republicans have defied the American voters again.

Forcing the Omnibus bill on President Trump and the American people, holding the necessary military expenditures hostage as we face a potential war with North Korea, keeping the funding for Planned Parenthood, refusing to provide money for the border wall and security, and the Establishment Republicans essentially passing a Democratic Party spending bill, is a tipping point in American politics.

The terrible Omnibus Bill, forced on Trump and the American people, is a tipping point that will result in the splitting up of the Republican Party into two new parties – the Conservative Party and the Republican Progressive Party. This profound and historic breakup will take a few years to take place and complete. It now looks inevitable.

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