Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom

What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help

Renewing America and its Heritage of Freedom

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Renewing America – The Moral Case for Freedom

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom is possibly the most important and comprehensive book ever written on Freedom and America’s Heritage of Freedom.  It starts by recognizing God as the Author of Liberty and builds a substantial and solid, moral case for Freedom.  It shows clearly and concisely how Truth, Human Dignity, and Morality are inextricably linked to Freedom.  It precisely defines Freedom and answers the twin questions: “What is Freedom?” and “What is not Freedom?”  It presents the Architecture of Freedom.

Renewing America – The 25 Essential Components of Freedom

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom then explains the 25 Essential Components of Freedom necessary to have a free nation, including the 5 components of Religious Freedom, the 7 components of Political Freedom, the 10 components of Economic Freedom, and the 3 components of the Freedom of Living.

Renewing America – A New Vision and a New Strategy

Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom goes on to show how America is losing Freedom, highlighting key laws, Supreme Court cases, monetary and fiscal policies, and the avalanche of rules and regulations that have played a part in losing some of our Freedom.

The book then gives Freedom-Loving Americans a new vision and a new strategy to renew America and America’s Heritage of Freedom.  The new strategy includes 5 strategic goals and 7 tactics to help make a major difference for the future of America.  In addition to following the strategy, it also offers 5 actions Freedom-Loving Americans can do to help.

This book can help renew America and America’s Heritage of Freedom.  It is the answer to the question: “I’m only one person.  What can I do to help America?”  It should be read by Freedom-Loving Americans all over America, and shared with family, friends, Church and synagogue members, and colleagues at work.  It is an antidote to frustrated and depressed Freedom-Loving Americans who are succumbing to the onslaughts of progressive socialists and Power Lovers.  It is an answer that provides enthusiasm, energy, and empowerment for Americans, not seen since President Ronald Reagan.

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