Red Wave Coming in the House and Senate

Expect a Red Wave in the U. S. House and Senate Elections in November

My forecast for the 2018 Congressional Elections – There will be a Conservative Red Wave in the House with 225 – 228 Republicans elected to office and in the Senate with 58 – 60 Republicans elected to office.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that went into the forecast.

Reasons that Impacted this Forecast

As you remember from my book Great News for America, the presidential election of 2016 was both an historic and critical presidential election that ushered in a new American Constitutional Era that I called the Conservative Era. Long-range trends as well as short-range trends came together to cause a fundamental shift in each of our two major political parties. In addition, other major changes took place as well. Those were predicted and explained in Great News for America.

In fact, nine of my ten predictions made in Great News for America came true. Now, the 2018 Congressional Elections continue to build on the foundations of the historic 2016 presidential election.

In my newest book, More Great News for America, I make eight new predictions that will happen in the near future. These predictions appear to be happening as we approach the 2018 Congressional Elections and as we soon have a new Congress in place in January 2019.

This fall we have witnessed a series of Fall surprises, including:

  • September Surprise – Brett Kavanaugh Hearings
  • October Surprises
    • Caravan Crisis
    • Mail Bombs to Some Democrats
    • Synagogue Mass Shooting

In addition, we have seen an outstanding economy, tempered by considerable volatility on Wall Street.

We have also seen the extreme bias of the old mainstream media with 92% of all stories on, or related to, the president, reported from a negative point of view. We have seen President Trump fight back, attacking the Leftist media for their “fake news” and negative news.

Finally, we have seen Democrat leaders and well known media personalities stoking anti-Trump rage and confrontations with Trump supporters.

What has been the Impact of these Fall Surprises and Other Events?

While intended to hurt President Trump and keep Republicans from holding the House during the mid-term elections, all the above surprises and events have worked to enhance the Conservative Red Wave. Instead of creating or building a Blue Wave, the Red Wave continues. Republican Voter Intensity exceeds the much heralded (and Leftist desired) Blue Wave.

There has been no Blue Wave this year. There has been no Blue Ripple this year. There has been no Blue Drip this year. Plus, even some Blue Bubbles are bursting. Recall that Blue Bubbles are areas of Blue support, such as a long-time Blue Congressional District in a major coastal city.

In addition to lower Democrat Voter Intensity among Democrat voters, Democrats have another major problem. There are movements of Democrat voters that are abandoning their party and voting for Conservatives. Three such movements are:

  • #WalkAway Movement
  • #RedPill Movement
  • #GreatAwakening Movement

The bottom line is a Conservative Red Wave is coming in November.