Reasons for the New Conservative Era

Issues Dealing with Morality and Freedom

  • Violating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Violating the Separation of Powers
  • Violating the Rule of Law
  • Violating Domestic Peace – Rioting and Racial Tensions in Our Cities
  • Violating Domestic Peace – A National Crime Wave

 Issues Dealing with National Security

  • The Threats Posed by America’s Unprotected Borders and Illegal Immigration
  • The Threats Posed by Potential Terrorist Attacks
  • The Threats Posed by the Terrible Iran Nuclear Deal
  • The Threats Posed by a Potential Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack on America and the Meltdown of America’s Electric Grid
  • The Threats Posed by Potential Major Cyber Hacks, Cyber Attacks, and Physical Sabotage on America’s Critical Infrastructure

 Issues Dealing with Economic Security

  • Lack of Jobs and Economic Growth
  • Disastrous Effects of ObamaCare
  • Out-of-Control Government Spending and National Debt
  • Excessive Regulation of the American Economy


Reasons for the New Conservative Era – For More Information

For more information related to Dr. Lameiro’s Reasons for the New Conservative Era, you can read Dr. Lameiro’s powerful and important book: Great News for America.