There is a Clear Road to Racial Harmony – America Must Take It Now!

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Racial Harmony – Is it that Difficult to Achieve in America?

There is a clear road to achieve racial harmony within America today. It’s not complex. It’s not out of our reach. It’s not difficult to attain. Indeed, it must be pursued by all Americans who seek peace and prosperity, and a better life for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.

What is the Clear Road to Racial Harmony?

Like any important human achievement, it finds life in the minds, the souls, and the hearts of human beings – in this case, all Americans. The clear road to racial harmony begins with a vision for peace and prosperity.  It’s the same vision I write about in my 2016 book Great News for America.  It’s the same vision that forms the foundation of the 12 core principles of conservatism.

Some people argue that conservatism is an outdated philosophy, while socialism is progressive and hip. I say, quite the opposite. Conservative policies lead to widespread and pervasive peace and prosperity. Just look at American History and compare that history with any other nation throughout the ages.

In sharp contrast, the ISM’s of Failure – progressivism, socialism, fascism, communism, anarchism – lead to moral and economic bankruptcy. Countless examples prove my point such as the desperate situation Venezuela faces today.

The 12 Core Principles of Conservativism Show Us the Way to Racial Harmony

Since space is limited here, consider just three of the 12 core principles of conservatism:

  • We are committed to Freedom for all individuals
  • We are committed to upholding the Constitution
  • We are committed to upholding the Rule of Law

Racial harmony will be achieved more rapidly if these three principles are followed consistently. For example, failure to follow the Rule of Law and apply it equally to all Americans does a disservice to citizens in an inner city neighborhood. Racial minorities need the police to function to protect their families and neighborhoods and businesses. Police and racial minorities are partners in society, not adversaries.

An anti-law enforcement, progressive climate leads to higher crime rates and more racial tension. It’s an approach that fails. (See, for example, Heather Mac Donald’s new book: The War on Cops.)

What is the First Step to Racial Harmony?

The first step on the clear road to achieve racial harmony is for all Americans to choose peace and prosperity as a true goal.  I’m not talking about saying empty words, making empty gestures, and having empty hearts. I’m talking about a roll-up-your-sleeves, let’s-get-to-work, tough-minded commitment to achieve the goal.

What is the Second Step?

This is the tough step. America’s leaders have to choose to lead the American people. They have to abandon any agendas that benefit themselves or their political desires for selfish power. They have to adopt principles that promote peace and prosperity for ALL Americans, not just their own particular group, organization, party, or personal pocketbook.

The ISM’s of Failure have a track record over the decades of dividing and conquering to obtain singular and selfish parochial benefits. Sometimes even the proponents of conservatism with seemingly wonderful aspirations take a narrow path to short term and sub-optimal goals.

In other words, both progressives and conservatives sometimes get it wrong and sometimes make major mistakes. When mistakes are made, a little honest humility can serve the greater good.

The second step on the clear road to achieve racial harmony is for American leadership (in their own individual minds, souls, and hearts) to choose peace and prosperity as a true goal for America. They must drop any insincere lip service to American ideals and instead give all their energy to uniting ALL Americans, celebrating the greatest of American achievements and heroes, extolling the goodness of the American system, and educating K-12 and college students on how America achieved its super power status in the world, through freedom (under the protection of the Constitution) and morality (established by The Declaration of Independence).

What is Real American Leadership?

Real American leadership celebrates the good in all Americans and shines a light on the road to racial harmony – on the road to peace and prosperity. Real American leadership does not waste one moment of our short lives on berating other leaders, attacking any Americans, or seeing the bad in any groups.

Real American leadership is uplifting and positive, unselfish and inspirational.

Real American leadership celebrates American Exceptionalism. It doesn’t ignore it or belittle it.  It recognizes it and honors it.

How Long Will Take for America to Achieve Racial Harmony?

If  Americans make it a goal, if American leadership makes it a priority, America’s racial discord will disappear into the “ash heap of history” made famous by President Ronald Wilson Reagan.  It will be gone in the new Conservative Era that is coming soon, one of the my ten predictions in Great News for America.

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