Presidential Election Violence Threats – Real?

Presidential Election Violence Threats – Are they Real?

Presidential Election violence threats are popping up in the media and on the Internet. Is it real? Should it be taken seriously? Where does it start? Where will it end?

According to an opinion piece on CNN’s website:

“Democrats, who are not really over McConnell’s refusal to consider the nomination of Garland, would never accept a new justice as legitimate if forced through this quickly.”

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President Trumps’ new Supreme Court nominee is not legitimate according to those on the Left? This flies in the face of historical evidence:

  • There have been 29 vacancies in the Supreme Court during presidential election years
  • Of the 29 vacancies, 19 vacancies occurred when the president and Senate were from the same party
  • 10 other vacancies occurred when the president and the Senate were of different parties
  • Presidents during presidential election years made 29 appointments to fill all the 29 vacancies
  • Not surprisingly, 17 of the 19 vacancies were confirmed when the appointments were made by a president from the same party as the Senate
  • But, only one of the 10 vacancies was confirmed when the appointment was made by a president from the opposing party as the Senate 

In 2016, President Obama appointed Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court while the Senate was controlled by the Republican Party. Of course, Garland was not confirmed.

In 2020, President Trump will appoint a Constitutional conservative to the Supreme Court and following the normal political precedent, the Republican Senate will confirm that choice.

So, why won’t the Democrats support our new Supreme Court Justice? Why would they not consider her “legitimate?”

Why is some of the Left’s rhetoric sounding so threatening and violent?

Are the Threats against Nominating a Supreme Court Justice Real?

People on the Left are threatening violence if President Trump nominates a Supreme Court Justice to the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Consider this over-the-top rhetoric from the Left:

  • “Burn Congress Down”
  • “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f—–g thing down”

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Or consider what a member of the Wisconsin Ethics Commission demanded of Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts:

“burn it all down” if he couldn’t stop McConnell. “F—–g A, Ed. If you can’t shut it down, burn it down,”

People on the Left are also threatening to harass and intimidate Senators to not confirm President Trump’s appointment.

Loud angry protestors tried to harass and intimidate Sen. Mitch McConnell Republican Leader of the Senate and Sen. Lindsey Graham, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman outside their homes over not confirming President Trump’s imminent appointment to the Supreme Court with slogans and banners like:

  • “We can’t sleep so neither should Lindsey,” 
  • “No Ethics No Shame,” 
  • “Ruth Sent Us,”
  • “Ginsburg Justice”
  • “May Her Memory Be A Revolution”

Such protests included strobe lights, instruments, banging drums, and chanting slogans. One Leftist went so far as to say, if the Supreme Court vacancy is filled, there would be “civil war.” Other comments included:

  • “storm the White House and burn it to the f–king ground.”
  • “You dare try and replace her right now and there will be a war,”
  • “If McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots,”
  • “more, bigger riots.”

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Is this Mobocracy or Democracy?

Consider the last several months. Democratic Governors in Blue States and Democratic Mayor in Blue cities have refused to stop rioting, looting, arson, attacks on personal property, and attacks on police officers.

For the past several months:

  • Democrats have permitted anarchy, rioting, looting, arson, damage to personal property and attacks on police
  • Democrats have called for, and in some cases followed through on, defunding the police
  • Democrats have allowed prisons to release violent criminals,
  • Democrats have eliminated bail to permit criminals to return to the streets to commit more crimes
  • Democrat DA’s, who are anti-law and order, pro-criminals, have overseen anarchy and rioting with indifference
  • Democrats have worked against the Trump administration and enforcing the borders by creating Sanctuary States and Sanctuary cities

The Democratic Party seems to be openly supporting anarchy and lawlessness (even if Joe Biden and others occasionally pretend to support law and order).

If that isn’t enough, we know hear threats about violence after the presidential election if Trump beats Biden.

Are the Threats against Electing Trump Real?

Some on the Left have hypothesized that Trump might appear to win the election on Election Day, but with a large number of mail-in ballots arriving after the election, Biden might win after all votes are counted.

If Biden were to contest a Trump win in one or more battle ground States, no president might be selected in time for the December 14th Electoral College meeting.

This might give them the opportunity to stoke protests that once again turn violent to convince voting officials to call Biden the winner or to call Trump’s election not legitimate.

The unofficial, Leftist Transition Integrity Project was formed to simulate presidential election war games after the election and to discuss how they can assure a Biden victory and a Trump lose.

Written by Leftists who want Trump to lose, the project seems to conclude that contesting the election in the courts and on the Internet is insufficient to beat Trump. They appear to conclude that people might have to go to the streets to help Biden get elected.

Michael Anton, a Hillsdale researcher in Washinton, DC believes that TIP and those associated with it are effectively planning a coup d’etat and leaking out their thought that Trump will not leave office freely if he loses.

By the way, two former military officers wrote to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff this summer to urge him to call out the 82nd Airborne to remove Trump from office if he doesn’t leave The White House freely.

It’s too bad that Democrats have become so adamant about removing Trump from office and potentially using protests that turn into anarchy and rioting to achieve their victory.

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Presidential Election Violence Threats – Will Anarchy and Rioting Be Allowed to Grow Before or After the Presidential Election?

Will anarchy and rioting be encouraged and allowed to grow before the election (during the SCOTUS confirmation process) or after the election (while late mail-in ballots are being counted) is not known.

My forecast is that Trump’s victory will be large enough that anarchy and rioting are unlikely.

But, if you follow the off-the-deep-end rhetoric, it is a distinct possibility, especially given the evidence in Blue cities over the last few months. Just consider Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, St. Louis and Kenosha to mention a few cities that Democrats allowed to suffer through anarchy and rioting.

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