Presidential Election – Iowa, Impeachment, SOTU

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What Will Be the Impact on the Presidential Election Caused by This Week’s Big Three Events?

There is no question that this week’s top three events – the Iowa Democratic Caucus debacle; the Impeachment Vote in the Senate to acquit President Trump of treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors; and President Trump’s State of the Union Address – will have an impact on the presidential election.

All three of these big events this week will work against the ultimate Democratic Party nominee and all three events will further enhance and extend President Trump’s likely easy victory in November. Let’s look at each of the big three events in turn …

Presidential Election and the Iowa Caucus Debacle

As of late Wednesday afternoon following Monday’s Democratic caucuses, the Iowa Democratic Party had not announced final results from the caucus. This electoral debacle was stunning. In addition, the circumstances surrounding the Democratic Party were highly unusual and caused some to question the authenticity and accuracy of the results.

Beginning with the final Des Moines Register / CNN / Mediacom poll of likely Democratic Party caucus attendees, the problems began. This final poll, long considered a good poll in Iowa politics, was not released prior to the caucuses. The reason given was that Pete Buttigieg’s name was not included on the list of candidates. If true, that was a major faux pas.

On the other hand, at same the time Bernie Sanders was thought to be in first place and Joe Biden was believed to have fallen into fourth place. Some people believe the real reason for suppressing the poll results was to help boost Joe Biden’s chances against a win by Bernie Sanders in the caucuses.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders might have won the nomination against Hillary Clinton if the rules on super delegates and other matters were fair to Bernie Sanders. Is it possible the Establishment Democrats didn’t want Bernie Sanders to wrest control from themselves?

Another point (a coincidence maybe?), key Democrats seemed to be talking down Bernie Sanders immediately preceding the Iowa caucuses.

Iowa Caucus Debacle – The App that Failed

Then, there was the issue of the caucus app failing. According to an early announcement, the app was supposed to be tested ahead of time and be in fine working order. The Iowa Democratic Party said it recorded voting correctly, but reported out the results incorrectly – and there were discrepancies with other sources of data.

Interestingly, it was reported that four former Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign workers started the app company (called Shadow). Did Shadow want an Establishment Democrat to win rather than the upstart radical socialist like Bernie Sanders?

Plus, why didn’t the Democratic Party take the help of the Department of Homeland Security when they offered to look into the cause of the app failing?

Iowa Caucus Debacle – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Iowa Democratic Caucus fiasco will give voters the impression that the Democratic Party is more incompetent than previously thought. If they can’t run a caucus in Iowa, how can they run the entire Medicare For All program they propose.

Also, the mix-up will tend to cause further delay in picking a presidential nominee for the Democratic Party and considerably more friction among the Bernie Sanders supporters and his opponent’s supporters.

Ultimately, it strengthen’s President Trump’s likely re-election by a wide margin. Why?

  • More Democratic Party voter defections
  • More positive vision of how President Trump runs a smooth Republican Party campaign and nation

Presidential Election and the Impeachment Debacle

The Democratic Party controlled House ran a completely partisan, biased, opaque, and unfair impeachment process that lacked due process for the president. The impact of the acquittal on the president just highlights that the Democratic House rushed through a phony impeachment charade.

President Trump’s support and approval numbers have consistently gone up during the House impeachment and Senate trial.

The impeachment debacle will increase President Trump’s margin of victory in November’s presidential election.

Presidential Election and the State-of-the-Union Address

Wow! President Trump delivered an incredible list of accomplishments and record-setting economic numbers to highlight his first three years as president. He also presented an optimistic vision for America’s future!

The State-of-the-Union Address was a strong platform for his accomplishments and record of the past three years and a clear path for the future.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi holding up the President’s State-of-the-Union Address behind President Trump after the speech and ripping it up was a shocking display of lack of decorum and civility that had no place in the U. S. House of Representatives. She should apologize profusely or resign or both. It only adds to voters’ disdain for the Democratic Party and support of President Trump.

Lameiro’s Ten Laws for Winning Presidential Elections

About 25 years ago, I wrote Ten Laws for Winning Presidential Elections. The first law is: ” Law of the Optimistic Vision.  The candidate who presents the most optimistic vision for the nation will usually win the election.”

President Trump painted a marvelous optimistic vision for that nation during the State-of-the-Union Address.

It will help catapult him further into a solid victory in the presidential election.

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Many candidates this year are pushing socialist policies and outright socialism for America. President Trump said America will never be a socialist nation! The debate for the future of America – Freedom and Capitalism vs. socialism – has begun. The Trump vs Sanders presidential race will be the centerpiece of this historic debate.

In contrast to candidates who are pushing for socialism, conservatives in stark contrast are defending our Constitution, the Rule of Law, Freedom, morality, peace and prosperity.

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