2020 Presidential Election Update

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Democratic Presidential Election Candidates – Who’s Ahead?

In the presidential election Democratic Party nomination race, we now have 13 candidates running, with another ten more that might enter the race in the near future. In addition, there are another dozen or so potential candidates that seem less likely to run, but probably would like to run if they thought they could pull it off.

Who’s ahead among the 13 Democratic candidates currently announced and others that might enter the race?

  • Bernie Sanders – Democratic socialist; Raised about $10 Million in his first week of fundraising; Issues: Medicare-for-All, $15 Minimum Wage, Free College Tuition
  • Beto O’Rourke – Raised around $77 Million in recent race against Sen. Ted Cruz, but lost; Raised $6.1 Million in first 24 hours after announcing for president; Vague policy stands against monopolies and illegal immigration; Past problems includes arrest for drunken driving at age 26 and some of his strange writings
  • Michelle Obama – Not running, but could enter the race at the last minute; Continues to have a following and potential interest as evidenced by high book sales; Has access to her husband’s political, organizational, and financial connections
  • Joe Biden – Seems to be slightly more moderate than most other socialist candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination, but that’s actually a liability to win the 2020 nomination; Considered to be a dinosaur by many and an old Establishment Democrat similar to Hillary Clinton; Attempting to reach out to old Democratic coalition of working people that were abandoned by Obama.

Who’s not ahead among the current list of announced or likely to announce Democratic candidates:

  • Kamala Harris – Makes fairly good speeches, but not raising a lot of awareness or donations. Some people concerned about her track record.
  • Cory Booker – Issues include $500 Baby Bond for every child and $15 Minimum Wage; Some people think his connections to corporate America and Wall Street are a problem; Spartacus is not gaining traction
  • Elizabeth Warren – Still suffers from her attempt to claim American Indian ancestry, including on her Texas Bar application; She is targeting small retail political events vs. fund-raisers; Not gaining momentum.
  • And many more …

Republican Presidential Election Nomination – No Contest

On the Republican side, President Trump will face no serious threat to getting the 2020 presidential election nomination. He currently has about 93% of Republicans supporting him.

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld has formed an exploratory committee, but has yet to officially announce if he will run against President Trump.

What about Independent Candidates for President?

There are currently two possible candidates that might run in 2020. They are Mitt Romney and Howard Schultz.

Howard Schultz is unlikely to oppose the Democratic nominee due to heavy pressure from the Democratic Party.

Mitt Romney, however, might start an Independent Party, the Republican Progressive Party, and run an unsuccessful campaign. Mitt Romney would likely not get even one Electoral Vote in 2020, if he runs as an independent.