What are the Two Keys to Winning the First Presidential Debate?

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Trump Needs to Do Only Two Things to Win the First Presidential Debate

Over 100 million viewers can be expected to watch the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.  YouTube and other social media are expected to be streaming the debate as well. But, for all the hoopla and discussion, Trump needs to do only two things to win the debate decisively.

The polls are slowly and steadily moving up for Trump. Clinton’s once insurmountable Electoral College lead has all but vanished, under an avalanche of bad news – email leaks, extreme careless and reckless handling of classified government documents, and health issues ranging from prolonged coughing spells to memory lapses, from bobbing head episodes, to her falls and ultimately, her 9/11 collapse. Of course, mixing Clinton Foundation donations with State Department access while Secretary of State also played into the opinions of many voters.

What are the two keys for Trump to win the first presidential debate? What should we be looking for to determine the winner? Let discuss the first presidential debate now …

Trump Needs to Connect Heart-to-Heart with the American People During the Presidential Debate

Many observers criticize Clinton for being cold and stiff. Clinton has been seen as aloof, uncomfortable, angry, and recently, even manic in public appearances. All of this on top of the criticisms for looking tired and weak. Some analysts think she doesn’t want to have to campaign at all, having a certain sense of entitlement to being the next president. It’s her turn finally.

Trump campaigns with a style that is in sharp contrast to Clinton in many ways. For Trump to deal Clinton a likely clear defeat, Trump needs to show his warm side and connect with the American people, just as Reagan did in 1980. Here are some things to look for:

  • Trump speaks from the heart about his love and concern for Americans. As he often does in rallies, he uses the words: “I love you.”
  • Trump talks about Americans who are struggling economically
  • Trump reaches out to Blacks and Hispanics with the message that he wants to do more for them than the Democrats have done in the last 40 years
  • Trump needs to make a genuine emotional connection, a bond that will last for 4 to 8 years

Trump Needs to Show He Will be a Reasonable President

In addition, Trump also needs to show he will be a reasonable president. He’s been called lots of negative things during the campaign. If he seems reasonable during the debate, voters will write off the exaggerated negative comments of partisan Democrats and the mainstream media as well as the comments from establishment Republicans as simply the “usual negative campaign messages.”

Trump can be reasonable by:

  • Focusing on the #1 issue, the dominant issue, in this campaign cycle, namely Peace – In this presidential campaign, it takes the form of Global Terrorism, ISIS Threat, Border Security, A Lot More Unvetted Syrian Immigrants Coming into America under the Clinton plan
  • Focusing on the #2 issue, Prosperity – In this presidential campaign, it takes the form of Jobs, Economic Security, ObamaCare
    • ObamaCare failure/disaster/much higher costs coming next year
    • Trump Tax Cut Plan vs. Clinton $1.5 trillion Tax Increase Plan
    • Trump Childcare/Eldercare “Above the Line” Tax Deduction Plan
    • Trump vs. Clinton on Energy Independence and Costs
    • Trump’s Plan to Cut Regulations (to spur on new job creation and the economy)

Trump can also make a strong case that Clinton/Obama have been a manifest failure in the last 8 years:

  • How she failed in the Middle East – Benghazi, Libya, terrible Iran Nuclear Deal, Rise of ISIS on their watch
  • How she failed to protect America’s secrets – Classified and Top Secret/SAP materials
  • How she used her government position for personal gains (pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation)

Trump Needs to Avoid being Rattled by any Baiting Clinton Might Use to Throw Him off Message

Clinton will likely follow a three-prong strategy:

  • Clinton will likely emphasize her progressive socialist, European-style, Santa Claus Strategy, cradle-to-grave giveaways
  • Clinton will likely criticize Trump as unfit for office
  • Clinton will likely try to bait Trump, get him angry, try to get him to say something outrageous, get him off message

Who Will Win the First Presidential Debate?

The American people, not the pundits, will decide who will win. Going into the debate, I expect Trump will hit a home run and win decisively. I think you can expect the Clinton spinsters to claim victory anyway. Trump will go up in the polls about 3-4% the following week.

Special Notes

  • If Clinton is a “no show” for health reasons of any kind, the election is essentially over. Clinton will dramatically drop in the polls and lose the election.
  • If Clinton collapses on the debate stage for any reason, the election is essentially over. Clinton will dramatically drop in the polls and lose the election.
  • If Clinton appears sick or tired or ill, if her head or eyes move in strange ways, or if she appears to be wearing an earpiece, Clinton will drop in the polls further.

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