Will President Trump Win?

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There are Several Routes to a Trump Victory

Where does the President Trump win stand today? Trump has 232 uncontested Electoral Votes. Biden has 227 uncontested Electoral Votes. 79 votes continue to be contested by litigation, State Legislative actions or potential Congressional actions. Here is a list of contested States and their respective Electoral Votes:

  • Pennsylvania – 20 Electoral Votes
  • Georgia – 16 Electoral Votes
  • Michigan – 16 Electoral Votes
  • Wisconsin – 10 Electoral Votes
  • Arizona – 11 Electoral Votes
  • Nevada – 6 Electoral Votes

President Trump only needs 38 Electoral Votes from any three of these States to get to the 270 Electoral Vote threshold to win the election. Biden needs 43 Electoral Votes, a higher threshold. If Biden wins Nevada, he still needs another three States from this list.

What are Potential Routes to a President Trump Win?

First, the Trump campaign can win one or more lawsuits or appeals in several contested States that forces the current counts to be tossed out, nullified, or overturned because of massive evidence of voter fraud, ineligible voters voting, buying votes, altering voting machine algorithms or hardware, bringing in fake ballots, bringing in fake thumb drives with fake votes.

Second, the Trump campaign can win through one or more Supreme Court cases dealing with the same issues as above brought by the Trump campaign.

Third, the Trump campaign can win through one or more Supreme Court cases dealing with the same issues as above brought by Sydney Powell independently.

Fourth, the Trump campaign can win because of a multi-State lawsuit brought by the State of Texas.

“Texas’ Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton on Tuesday filed an election lawsuit in the U.S. Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin, alleging that the states used the pandemic to unlawfully change their election laws and urging the top court to have the election results declared unconstitutional.”

This would declare the Election results in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin as unconstitutional.

[Source: https://www.theepochtimes.com/texas-scotus-case-highlights-non-legislative-election-rule-changes-in-battleground-states_3609570.html .]

Fifth, some combination of three States of the six contested States get thrown out or remain contested past December 8, the Safe-Harbor Day, and not enough Electoral Votes give Trump or Biden the necessary 270 Electoral Vote minimum. Then, the House gets to pick the president. Trump wins in the House easily. See below.

Sixth, the lawsuits are lost, the Supreme Court cases are lost, the Electoral College votes and picks Biden. But, Arizona or another State (maybe Pennsylvania) selects an alternative Electoral College Slate – maintaining the contested Electoral Vote issue.

The President of the Senate who is Constitutionally charged with counting the Electoral Votes, Vice President Mike Pence, does not certify the Electoral College results. Then, the House gets to pick the president. Trump wins in the House easily. See below.

Seventh, the Electoral College results for Biden are challenged after the counting. To challenge the results, all that is needed is one Senator and one House Member – maybe Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep.Kevin McCarthy. Then, the House gets to pick the president. Trump wins in the House easily. See below.

Why Does President Trump Win Easily in the House (if the Election Goes to the House)?

At first, you might think because the House has 222 Democrats to the Republicans 211 Members that the House would automatically pick Biden. But, the Constitution give each State Delegation only one vote for president. It’s a One State – One Vote Rule.

In the new Congress that meets in January, 30 State Delegations are controlled by Republicans and only 20 State Delegations are controlled by Democrats. That means, Trump will win 30 to 20 in the House.

Will President Trump Win Again?

I think President Trump actually won the Electoral College with 348 Electoral Votes to Biden’s 190 Electoral Votes. The massive voter fraud will turn out in history to be a road bump on the way to Trump’s second term.

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