President Trump Again! Forget the Polls!

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It Will Be President Trump Again – Despite the Polls, the Media, and the Elite!

At precisely 12 noon on January 20th, 2021, President Trump will be sworn into office again as the 45th President of the United States of America. The historic, turbulent, and rather strange presidential election of 2020 will officially come to an end after a hard fought and tough victory over the socialist Democratic Party, their allies in the militant and Marxist Antifa and BLM movements, the hate Trump mainstream media, the never Trumpers, also formerly known as Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) and countless polls proclaiming Joe Biden would win.

The elite, the media, and the polling experts will be in shock the day after Election Day. They will be in denial on Inauguration Day. They will lament their loss of The White House for years to come as Hillary Clinton as done the past four years.

A Socialist Party will struggle to arise from the ashes of the Democratic Party, relegated after this presidential election to the status of a minority party for the next two generations. Indeed, the old Democratic Party will likely shut down in early Spring 2021, after spending  a large fortune of billionaire’s money trying to beat Trump and other Republicans around the country.

The Conservative Populist Republican Party will finally emerge from the remnants of the Establishment Republican Party strong and vibrant and ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century at last.

America will have spoken decisively. President Trump will have a rock solid mandate for Making America Great Again – Again!

Why Must We Take the Polls with a Giant Grain of Salt?

Simply put and in my view, the polls are not adequately modeling the electorate and are not capturing in their polls the true election dynamics of this historic and critical presidential election of 2020. That’s assuming, too, that they truly seek accurate poll results. It’s possible, some polls are even done with a view toward influencing the electorate, depressing turnout, and obtaining the results they have in mind.

Recall Brexit.  In that important British referendum, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. The media and the elites pushed to stay in the European Union. The polls confirmed their stance, indicating Brexit would fail. Of course, we now know that the polls were wrong, predicting the exact opposite of reality. Brexit passed.

Recall 2016. Then, as now, the polls were proclaiming the Democratic challenger’s (Clinton’s) victory over Trump in poll after poll. One poll in October 2016 claimed that Clinton would win by 18%. Of course, we know those polls were wrong!

Some Reasons Why Polls are Probably Off Today. Here is a more detailed list of why I think the polls are off:

  • Underlying models do not adequately represent the current electorate.
  • Voter Turnout for Trump is under counted for a variety of reasons.
  • Voter Intensity for Trump is very high.
  • Voter Intensity for Biden is very low. It is even lower than for Clinton in 2016.
  • Long Range Voter Momentum has favored Trump for months.
  • Dominant Issue of Peace including Democrat Governors and Democrat Mayors failure to stop rioting, arson, looting, and anarchy in cities across America and Trumps’ strong position on law and order favor Trump’s victory.
  • Dominant Issue of Prosperity including jobs, economic security, tax policies, regulatory policies, income and GDP numbers favor Trump’s 3 year record of economic prosperity before the prolonged Democratic Party shut down of Blue States and Blue Cities across America.
  • Trump’s Optimistic Vision (built around the theme “Make America Great Again – Again” favors Trump.
  • Impact of Political Party Realignments currently taking place favor Trump.

Put all these factors together, the polls are not capturing an accurate picture of the electorate. The polling models can be expected to be off by a fair amount as in 2016.

What’s the Biggest Disconnect in this Election?

The Democratic Party is now essentially a socialist party. It is far out of touch with mainstream American voters.

  • Maybe, it comes about from non-competitive political races year after year over the past few decades.
  • Maybe, it comes about from attending the same colleges and universities with the same professors who believe in the disproven ideas of Marxism and socialism.
  • Maybe, it comes about from attending the same A-List cocktail parties in Washington DC.
  • Maybe, it comes about from constantly fund-raising for the next election cycle and not doing their homework on the real issues.
  • Maybe, it comes about from talking with billionaire donors that fund their campaigns and not having time to listen to their real constituents.

The biggest disconnect in this election is that most Democrats from Biden and Harris down the line continue to ignore the American voters and their values.

But, in America, voters are sovereign. They are sending a clear message to Washington this year to stop resisting Trump and his plans to Make America Great Again – Again! The American voters are sending a tough, no nonsense, strong leader to Washington. They are sending the General Patton of our day. They are sending President Trump.

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