The Left is Moving into the Political Wilderness

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The Left will be Left Out in the Political Wilderness for Generations

The Left will be left out in the political wilderness for generations to come, since they are doing everything they possibly can to alienate American voters. If you want to review their foolish tactics, just read my blog post from last week. The Left is also fighting both long term and short term political and economic trends as well as the 21st century zeitgeist of popularism. The American people now seek morality and the elimination of corruption in government. They also seek freedom in their lives as guaranteed by our Constitution. Americans seek peace and prosperity and are weary of governments that impede these goals, while politicians in those governments give lip service to important conservative principles that I haven written about in Great News for America.

Let’s face the reality that the Left today is clearly going off the deep-end, trying to hold on to their defeated ideology, flaky policies, bankrupt programs and diminished political power. Their over-inflated prestige has long since vanished with their accumulating failures in their progressive socialist programs (think ObamaCare as an example) and in their loss of countless elections (think of 2010 House elections, 2014 Senate elections, and 2016 presidential election) across the nation. They are headed straight into the political wilderness.

The Left’s Snowflake Coup against Trump will Melt Away into a Puny Puddle

The Left’s Snowflake Coup, something I also call America’s Uncivil War, is an attempt to hold on to power by effectively making Trump’s campaign promises and agenda impossible to fulfill. But, just as snowflakes that can’t tolerate the reality of the noonday sun, the Left’s Snowflake Coup will melt away in the heat of Trump’s success and the Left will move into the political wilderness for generations. Just consider a few of Trump’s actual and impending accomplishments:

  • Current Foreign Policy Success in the Middle East
  • Recent Foreign Policy Success with China
  • Strong Response to Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons against his own People
  • Appointment and Confirmation of a Strong Conservative to the Supreme Court (one of four likely new Supreme Court Justices)
  • Ultimate Repeal and Replacement of the Expensive and Destructive ObamaCare
  • Numerous Executive Orders that are Helping to Boost the Economy
  • Over 500,000 New Jobs
  • Regulatory Mess being Cleaned Up
  • Economic Optimism with the Realistic Prospect of 4% GDP Growth (far exceeding the Dismal Obama Economic record)
  • And a whole lot more …

The American people aren’t giving much attention to the daily fake news of the old dying mainstream media (ODMSM). As the economy picks up, the Left and their Snowflake Coup will melt away into a puny and dirty puddle, a footnote in history.

America’s has Entered a New American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era

That’s right. We have entered a new American Constitutional Era.  The Conservative Era. I have written about it in my book Great News for America. The Left will be relegated to a minority ideology. The Democratic Party will become a minority party that fails to win many elections. It would not be a surprise, if they change their name to the Socialist Party, a name that better describes their ideology. After all, it’s hard to describe yourself as a “Democratic” Party, if you oppose accepting the results of a presidential election and you prefer governing against the will of the American people.

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