Trump’s Brilliant Political Strategy on NFL

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Is Trump’s Response to the NFL Kneeling Protests a Brilliant Political Strategy?

Touted by the old mainstream media and leftist politicians as incomprehensible and divisive, instead is Trump’s response to the NFL kneeling protests actually a brilliant political strategy? Was Trump brilliant and smart politically, or was his efforts a distraction from more important presidential issues? Were the NFL protests worthy of the time of a sitting president?

Those are reasonable questions to ask.

You might think at first glance that the answers lean toward thinking Trump wandered off on an unnecessary and divisive tangent. But, look again. I think you will see Trump’s political instincts are superb and his response to the NFL protests were actually a brilliant political strategy that will pay off with handsome dividends in 2018 and in 2020.

Trump’s Political Strategy – Consolidation, Aggregation and Isolation

Trump’s political strategy has had three major impacts of the political dynamics of America in the fall of 2017. First, this political strategy solidifies Trump’s base.  Second, it is bringing more people from the old Democrat Party alliance into Trump’s orbit of support. Third, this political strategy is further isolating the left and Democrat Party from main street American voters.

Make no mistake about it, the left is using the NFL protests to attack President Trump, his political agenda, and traditional American values. The NFL protests are designed to further alienate and divide America.

Some have said that the NFL protests are a move to unify America. That’s simply not true. It is an attempt to divide and conquer the nation with progressive and socialist politics and policies. After all, the Russian collusion narrative has yet to work. The left continues to look for something that will damage this president and his mostly conservative policies.

Trump calling out the NFL protesters makes tremendous political sense. He is supporting and defending the American flag, the National Anthem, and the soldiers, sailors and Marines that have died for our freedom. Trump’s base is in complete agreement with his overt patriotism. He is consolidating and making his base support even stronger.

There is also another trend happening now. Surprising to some, Trump is also picking up support from former members of the left.  He is not just solidifying his base, he is broadening his base!

Trump is turning blue voters into red voters. Why? The blue voters are getting turned off by the over-the-top, extraordinary, and extreme tactics of the left. Blue voters are swallowing the “red pill” and getting the truth. (Recall the movie The Matrix.) They see the progressive, socialist, communist, anarchist elements – from the left – moving toward a totalitarian form of socialism – something they can no longer stomach or support. As a result, Trump is picking up more and more supporters and aggregating these supporters into his base.

Trump’s political strategy is brilliant because he is showing himself to be pro-American, pro-flag, pro-military, and patriotic. At the same time, he is letting the left show their true colors as extreme leftists and anti-American.

Trump’s Extraordinary Political Instincts

Trump seems to know how to appeal to millions of Americans. While the left has gone apoplectic over Trump’s NFL comments, his base has grown and loves it. The 2016 presidential election was historic and critical as I explained in my prophetic book Great News for America that came out in January 2016. Trump’s brilliant political strategy builds on the strategy that elected him president. Trump’s political strategy stems from his incredible political instincts and his uncanny ability to connect with the American voters.

Coming in January 2018 – More Great News for America

A new book, More Great News for America, by Dr. Lameiro on President Trump, the 2018 Congressional elections, and key political developments in 2018 and 2019 is planned. Watch for more information.