Pledge of Positive Campaigning

Pledge of Positive Campaigning – Introduction

Pledge of Positive Campaigning.  In recent years, many Americans have been frustrated with negative political campaigns that focus on destroying the personal character of opponents, instead of presenting their candidate’s solutions to the challenges facing America.  After all, isn’t the purpose of political office to serve the people?  Is winning office that important to some political candidates that they must smear their opponents and avoid positive and constructive political campaigning?  The Pledge of Positive Campaigning addresses this issue.

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Americans should ask political candidates to sign the Pledge of Positive Campaigning at the beginning of each political campaign cycle.  Political candidates themselves should voluntarily and gladly sign the Pledge of Positive Campaigning at the start of each political campaign cycle in which they participate as a candidate.  They should also challenge their opponents to sign the Pledge of Positive Campaigning as well.

Just like the Pledge of Freedom, the Pledge of Positive Campaigning can be a powerful accountability mechanism to bring the level of our elections up to a higher level of civility and respect.

I think political candidates and voters will celebrate debating the real issues in a positive campaign climate.  It’s time to make American political campaigns a positive experience for everyone.  In addition, it might enhance voter turnout as people will probably prefer to vote for someone, or for something, rather than always voting against someone, or against something.  There is simply no need for negative campaigning.

Here is a link to a Printable Version of the Pledge of Positive Campaigning .

Pledge of Positive Campaigning

I, _________________________________ (print legal name), am a resident of the City or Town of _____________________ in the County of _______________________ in the State of _____________________ , who is running for _______________________ (print political office sought, such as President, U. S. Senator, U. S. House, Governor, State Senator, State House Representative, Mayor, etc.). If applicable, the District I seek to represent is ___________________________________ (print U. S. Congressional District #, State Senate District #, State House District #, etc.). I am running for the _____________ (print primary, general, or special) election to be held on ____________ (print date).

I hereby openly and voluntarily declare and pledge: (1) to all the voters in the upcoming election for the office I seek, (2) to all of my potential future constituents, and (3) to all citizens that I will to the best of my ability, honor and keep all the following commitments during this political campaign:

1. I pledge to run a positive political campaign;

2. I pledge to direct all my paid and unpaid volunteer campaign managers, consultants, ad developers, pollsters, workers, and supporters to run and to participate in a positive political campaign;

3. I pledge to not attack or condemn my opponent’s personal character or reputation, during any media appearance or campaign interview, or in any broadcast, print, digital, or Internet formats;

4. I pledge to not distort my opponent’s record or positions, or take his voting records or positions out of context;

5. If third parties, who support my candidacy for office, freely and independently, choose to do negative campaigning, I pledge to publicly ask citizens and voters to turn off the TV ads, or turn off the radio ads, or toss the campaign literature, or click away from any Internet messages that are clearly negative and that clearly violate my intention to run a positive political campaign.

I hereby openly and voluntarily declare and pledge: (1) to all the voters in the upcoming election for the office I seek, (2) to all of my potential future constituents, and (3) to all citizens, if I fail to honor and keep all the above commitments, I expect voters to elect someone else to the above office.

I plan to publicly announce that I have signed this Pledge of Positive Campaigning. Furthermore, I plan to prominently display this Pledge of Positive Campaigning on my political campaign’s website and mention it in my political campaign literature.

_______________________________________(signature and print date)
Political Candidate              Date

Subscribed and affirmed, or sworn to before me in the County of
________________________________ , State of _____________ ,
this ____ day of __________________ (print month and year),
by the Political Candidate.

My Commission Expires: ________________ (print date)
_______________________________________ (signature)
Notary Public

Place Notary Public Seal Above

Printable Version of the Pledge of Positive Campaigning

Copyright © 2014 by Gerard Francis Lameiro, Ph.D. Originally published in the book: Renewing America and Its Heritage of Freedom: What Freedom-Loving Americans Can Do to Help by Gerard Francis Lameiro, Ph.D.  Permission is hereby granted by the author to print out and to copy this Pledge of Positive Campaigning form in its entirety, and without any additions, deletions, modifications, or changes whatsoever, and provided this entire copyright and permission notice is included in each and every copy as it appears on this form.