Phyllis Schlafly – Love for God, Family and America

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Phyllis Schlafly – She Loved God, Family and America

Written by Phyllis Schlafly in 1964, I remember the bestselling book, A Choice Not an Echo, a book that sold a phenomenal 3 million copies. I was in high school campaigning for Barry Goldwater, affectionately known as AU-H2O, when not in classes or doing homework. Back then in 1964, Phyllis Schlafly actually influenced the 1964 Republican National Convention to nominate Barry Goldwater as the presidential candidate. Ultimately, she helped elect Ronald Reagan president in 1980.

Phyllis spent an incredible 70 years in public service to conservative principles and policies. Some of her accomplishments included:

  • Helped to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • Founded the pro-family Eagle Forum in 1972 – a conservative organization with about 80,000 members
  • Wrote 27 books and thousands of articles
  • Spoke tens of thousands of times across America

Plus, incredibly, Phyllis Schlafly just co-authored a new Regnery book The Conservative Case for Trump along with Ed Martin and Brett M. Decker. Ed Martin is the former head of the Missouri Republican Party and Brett M. Decker is a former editorial page writer for The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times.

Importantly, and possibly prophetically, the new book was scheduled by Regnery to come out on Tuesday, September 6th, one day after her death. It’s as if Phyllis Schlafly finally completed her work to help America by having her book about why America should elect Trump published.

Phyllis Schlafly – A Personal Remembrance about Phyllis and Talk Radio

I recall having a one hour discussion with the then 90 year old, Phyllis Schlafly, as a guest on her radio program, Eagle Forum Live, on education back in February 2015. She was smart and very intelligent, she was sharp, and she asked tough, pointed questions. She was a top conservative Talk Radio host. I’m glad I had the opportunity to interact with her on the radio.

In the world of radio, besides her weekly one hour Talk Radio program, Phyllis also did a 3-minutes per day, 5-days per week, radio commentary on an incredible 600 radio stations.  All told that was about 8,000 commentaries that she did on radio!

Phyllis Schlafly – Her Final Message for America

Phyllis Schlafly left her final message for America in her new book, The Conservative Case for Trump. In it, Phyllis and her co-authors make ten critical points why Trump is more conservative than people might think at first.  Just to name a few points:

  • Phyllis, who helped advise Trump on his Supreme Court nominees, indicates how Trump might remake the Supreme Court in the most consequential series of appointments in history
  • Phyllis thinks Trump has the capability to finally solve America’s immigration problem, a problem that has not been resolved for decades
  • Phyllis discusses how Trump will protect the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion from the assault of the far left

Phyllis Schlafly – A National Treasure!

Phyllis Schlafly was a national treasure that leaves behind a stronger and better America.  We are all indebted to her tireless efforts on behalf of our nation.

God bless America!