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American Restart Day – May 1?

Can American Restart Day be as Soon as May 1st? American Restart Day is the day coming soon when most or all of America returns to “business as usual.” Before looking at a potential American Restart Day, let’s compare some model predictions vs. actual statistics. According to a frequently cited Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model, hospital bed and intensive care bed demand will peak on April 15 while deaths per day will peak on April 16. For April 5, the actual death toll in the U. S. from the Covid 19 model was 1,165 according to both…

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After Covid 19, Will the Left Oppose Restarting America?

Covid 19 Will Peak in the Next Few Weeks – What Will Happen Then? Covid 19 according to the best predictive models will peak in the next few weeks. You will recall weeks ago, I predicted the peak would take place between April 15th and May 15th with 80% probability. The Covid 19 peak means that the number of new cases per day will start declining as most seasonal flu virus infections do normally. Eventually, there will probably be no new cases on a given day. The precise day that Covid 19 will peak is a function of many variables….

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Coronavirus Peak – Will it Come by Easter?

Coronavirus Peak – Will it Come to an End in Mid-April to Mid-May? About two weeks ago, I predicted that the coronavirus peak would take place between mid-April and mid-May with 80% probability and the coronavirus panic would end at that time. My current forecast model continues to look like the coronavirus peak has hit in some areas and is close to hitting its peak in other areas. I now think it likely that the current closings of businesses, offices, schools, and Churches will end and in fact, will begin to re-open around Easter Sunday, April 12. This fits well…

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Will Corona Virus Impact Presidential Election?

Will the Corona Virus Impact the 2020 Presidential Election Primaries? The Corona Virus impact on the presidential election is already being felt this week. In Ohio, the primary was cancelled in a complicated set of circumstances. Governor Mike DeWine said the State would not open polls due to the corona virus pandemic after a judge refused to postpone the primary. After the Ohio Department of Health Director, Dr. Amy Acton, declared a health emergency and the closing of the polls, the Ohio primary was postponed. The Governor argued that the primary was an unacceptable health risk to both the voters…

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Corona Virus Panic Ends in Mid-April?

Will the Corona Virus Panic End in Mid-April? The corona virus panic seems to be going overboard in its efforts to limit exposure to the virus and to prepare for any potential adverse effects. Just consider these recent facts: There are shortages of toilet paper on the shelves of some stores in the United States, the U.K., Singapore, and Australia, due to panic buying related to the corona virus – despite the fact that there are no real shortages of the item in the usual supply chains for this household product.Harvard University has told students to leave campus and is…

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Biden or Bernie or Someone Else?

Biden or Bernie or Will It be Someone Else? People are talking these days as if the Democratic nomination has filtered down to just Biden or Bernie. The media is talking about a “two-man” race. Some people are discussing the “fact” that it’s down to two old white males and that women and minorities have been left completely out. But, will it be Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders? Will one of them be nominated for sure? Not so fast! Biden or Bernie Might Not Get Enough Delegates Indeed, it’s entirely possible that neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders will get…

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Super Tuesday – What to Expect?

Super Tuesday – What is It? Super Tuesday 2020 takes place on Tuesday, March 3rd. Fourteen States, the Territory of American Samoa, plus Democrats living abroad have 1,357 Delegates to select on Super Tuesday. Those 14 States represent 40% of the U. S. population. Among the 14 States are some big Delegate prizes: California with 415 Delegates Texas with 228 Delegates North Carolina with 110 Delegates Virginia with 99 Delegates Massachusetts with 91 Delegates How are Delegates Allocated? Super Tuesday definitely does not follow a winner-take-all approach. In fact, there are three different types of Delegates: Unpledged Delegates – Usually…

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CPAC Takes on Socialism

CPAC Takes on Socialism and Its Devastating Effects on a Nation CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, is going on in Maryland, near Washington, DC the last week in February. It is probably both the largest and most important conference of conservative activists and politicians in the world today. Not surprisingly, CPAC has decided to take on socialism in many of its sessions this year. As I predicted last year and I have mentioned in the media this year, socialism is the #1 issue of the 2020 presidential election. President Trump has signaled that America will never become a socialist…

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Red Alert – Socialism Top Political Issue of 2020

Red Alert – Socialism is the Top Political Issue in 2020 Presidential Election It’s a Red Alert for voters this year. It now looks like Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee as I predicted in the past. From coast-to-coast, political pundits and voters are discussing socialism.  Indeed, America has a big choice to make in this year’s presidential election as well in Congressional elections. Does America want to keep our Constitutional Republic, keep our equality under the Rule of Law, keep our freedom, keep free markets and capitalism? Or, do Americans want to switch to a political…