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Who will Win America’s Second Revolution?

America’s Second Revolution is Taking Place This Year – Who will Win? Look around America today – from coast to coast – from Seattle and Los Angeles – to New York City and Washington – America is fighting it’s Second Revolution. 2020 bears little resemblance to 1776, but America’s Second Revolution is just as important and just as vital to America as our First Revolution, the War of Independence, against King George and Great Britain in 1776. We see Anarchy, Lawlessness, Violence, Chaos in America In 2020, we see anarchy, lawlessness, violence, and chaos in America – it’s truly America’s…

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How Will Americans Respond to Recent Anarchy?

How Will Americans Respond to Recent Violence, Looting and Rioting in the Streets? Democratic Governors and Democratic Mayors in some States and cities might have chosen to ignore the needs of their citizens and allowed the anarchy to continue, but will Americans ignore what happened or will Americans respond to the violence, looting, and rioting more concretely? Traditionally, Americans respond to crises and deal with them in positive ways that help create long term solutions. This year, 2020, Americans will respond to the recent violence, looting, and rioting in several ways. Here are four likely responses: The 2020 Presidential and…

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Anarchy vs the Rule of Law?

What Direction Will America Take – Anarchy or the Rule of Law? America has slipped from protesting the terrible death of George Floyd to outright looting stores, setting fires, smashing windows, and attacking and killing innocent citizens and police officers – in other words anarchy. Plus, it appears to be organized anarchy with pre-positioned bricks placed nearby key riot locations and even incendiary devices strategically available for destruction of property. Democrats running many cities and States are choosing to permit this rampant and widespread anarchy rather than use their police departments and/or National Guard troops to quell the property damage…

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Political Trends and Predictions

What are the Newest Political Trends in America Today? Let’s take a few minutes to identify and assess the newest political trends in America today. Obviously, the latest political trends have been impacted and even sometimes dramatically shifted by the Covid 19 virus and the resulting shut down of the American Economy. But, how have long-term models (24 – 36 years), short-term models (2 – 8 years), and dynamic election models (1- 24 months) and their corresponding trends been affected? Will the models and trends be permanently altered? Or, are the changes to the models and trends simply temporary? Plus,…

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Covid Battle – Freedom vs. Socialism?

Covid Battle – Will America Remain Free or Move Toward Socialism? There has been a dramatic shift in the Covid Battle. Originally, the Covid Battle took the form of shutting down America to prevent our hospitals from overflowing with Covid 19 patients. We were told to: To stay homeTo social distance – to stay 6 feet apart from othersTo close businessesTo close schools, colleges and universitiesTo close down Church and Synogogue ServicesTo stop meeting in groups larger than 10 peopleTo stop sports activitiesTo stop attending stadiums and team sporting events like baseball All in an attempt to prevents hospitals from…

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When Will America Get Back to Normal?

Can America Get Back to Normal on June 1st? Americans want to know when America can get back to normal. When can we return to life as we had prior to the Covid 19 shutdowns. To get a better understanding of the situation, let’s look at the real world data we currently have on the virus in America, rather than look at the unverified Doomsday Covid 19 Models and their failed predictions. When we do look at the data, we can get back to normal by June 1st, albeit with a few changes to minimize the spread of all viruses…

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Presidential Election Forecast

My Presidential Election Forecast has Changed Dramatically! My current Presidential Election Forecast Model differs from the conventional political wisdom. While most people assume former VP Joe Biden has locked up the Democratic Party nomination for President and will face President Donald Trump this fall, my current model indicates he will lose that nomination at the real (or virtual) Democratic Party nomination in August to another democrat, most likely Michelle Obama. In the race for the nomination, Biden currently has about 1,352 Delegates, almost 650 Delegates short of the 1,991 Delegates needed to secure the nomination. Sen. Bernie Sanders has about…

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Is Covid 19 a Political Virus?

Is Covid 19 a Medical Virus Turned into a Political Virus? It appears now that the Covid 19 virus is no longer simply a  medical virus that threatens the health of Americans, it has become a political virus that the Left is exploiting: To shut down the American Economy To damage President Trump’s chances for reelection To limit our Freedom To destroy capitalism To transform our Constitutional Republic into a socialist country Red Flag Warning! The Left is using the Covid 19 virus to not only scare Americans, but to control the American Economy and to achieve socialist objectives they…

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America Open for Business – Will It Come Soon?

How Fast Will America Open for Business? While America fights the Covid 19 virus, we also need to have America open for business. As we learn more about the Covid 19 models that were used to justify shutting down America, and we also gather more data on those impacted by the virus, the unprecedented and costly shutdown of our $22 Trillion economy is being questioned. Let’s try to answer some key questions about Covid 19 and the American Economy: What were the major problems with the Covid 19 models? Who is truly at greatest risk of dying from Covid 19?…