National Book Tour for Great News for America

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National Book Tour

Update – Due to some unforeseen circumstances, including a server that went down, the Press Release has been delayed until probably mid-day Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 13th.

This week the National Book Tour for my newest book, Great News for America, begins.  My publicist Sandy Frazier in New York will be managing the tour.  The Press Release goes out on Tuesday, January 12th.  The timing seems ideal for a book that covers the 2016 presidential election from a unique and innovative point of view.  It’s about three weeks from the Iowa caucuses and four weeks from the New Hampshire primary.  The South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucuses follow closely behind, with Super Tuesday taking place on March 1st.  For the Republican Party presidential nomination race, 14 States are in play on Super Tuesday.

Information for TV and Talk Radio Shows

If you are a host or producer for a TV or Talk Radio show and want to invite me on as an interview guest during the National Book Tour, I appreciate your interest in the book.  The fastest approach is to contact Sandy Frazier.

If you need more information, please click on the Media button on this site.  You might also find the Media Kit on this website helpful.  It includes high resolution photos of the book cover and me as well other related information.  You can also locate my biographical sketch easily by clicking on the About button.

Early Praise for Great News for America

Great News for America is being greeted with enthusiasm and excitement across America because it has such a positive and optimistic vision for the 2016 presidential election and America.  The reaction has been both surprising and overwhelming.  It’s message is resonating with Americans.

Here’s some early praise –

More a State of the Union draft speech for a new, conservative president than a simple book.  Gerard Francis Lameiro discusses almost every threat we face — from Obama’s executive orders to the danger of an EMP.  He lays out good solutions, frames the historical debate, and delivers a well thought out critique of all that ails us.

– Dick Morris, Former Clinton Advisor

They say jazz is the only art form originated in America by Americans.  And they’re wrong!  America also gave the world a great art form known as the “Pep Talk”!  And the greatest practitioner of the pep talk is Dr. Gerard Lameiro and the conclusive, stomp-down proof of that is Dr. Lameiro’s new book Great News for America.  Melodious drums will beat inside you as you follow Dr. Lameiro’s upward trajectory for America’s ailments large and small.  You’ll hear friendly voices inside you shouting, “Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  That’s exactly what’s going to happen and I knew it all the time.”  Great News for America turns tired blood into sparkling burgundy.

– Barry Farber, Nationally Known Talk Radio Host

Dr. Lameiro’s book is an amazing and detailed analysis of American politics: past, present & future.  He also examines the domestic and foreign forces assaulting the fabric of our Constitution.  Dr. Lameiro will educate, and hopefully, stir a national conscience to create a better Union.

– Larry Conners, LARRY CONNERS USA / Radio Host

Dr. Lameiro is just as knowledgeable in print, as he is on my radio show.  There’s no better time to wake up Americans and remind them of three strong foundations of our great country: Goodness, integrity and strength.  Dr. Lameiro has become the much needed alarm clock for Americans’ drowsiness and despair.

– Sam Malone, Radio Show Host, AM 1070 The Answer, Houston, TX,

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