Most Important Reason to Vote This Year

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What is the Most Important Reason to Vote This Year?

The most important reason to vote this year is simple, yet incredibly profound. With the 2018 Congressional elections, we are not just electing a House of Representatives and a third of the United States Senate.

We are literally voting to determine our system of government for the future.

Does America want to  continue with our Constitutional Republic that focuses on protecting individual rights and liberties?

Or, does America want to abandon the Constitution and create a socialist country instead?

The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Shed Light on Today’s Reality

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings illustrate the vast differences between the Republicans and the Democrats. Let’s look at today’s reality –

  • The Democrats are willing to give up the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” for people who disagree with them politically
    • If you are conservative and accused of something, you’re guilty
    • If you are a Democrat and accused of something, you’re innocent
  • The Democrats are willing to give up the bedrock of democracy – abiding by the results of free and fair elections
    • If a conservative wins an election, it must be unfair or stolen
    • The 2016 presidential election has never been accepted by the Democrats and the Left
  • The Democrats are willing to give up America’s sense of fairness and decency for raw political power
    • The Left is willing to confront, harass, and intimidate those who disagree with them politically at home, at work, at restaurants, and in other public places
    • The Left is willing to shut down free speech, if it disagrees with their viewpoints
  • The Old Mainstream Media is willing to give up journalistic principles and print fake news or news with questionable sources to promote their agenda
    • Truth is what they want it to be, not necessarily what is reality
  • The tech giants that control search and communications capabilities on the Internet appear to be showing signs of clear Leftist bias
    • Things like shadow banning, suppressing some conservative stories, promoting other stories with their political viewpoints, and outright banning of some conservative people, stories, and videos might be a new form of free speech suppression
    • Are high tech apps a new and fast growing form of 21st century totalitarianism?

What Do Democrats Offer America?

Some immediate impacts:

  • Resistance to President Trump and his policies
  • If they win the House, we can expect long drawn out investigations
  • If they win the House, we can expect President Trump will be impeached (without any high crimes or misdemeanors)
  • We can also expect, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will be impeached (without cause)
  • If they win the House and Senate, we can expect President Trump will be impeached and removed from office

Additional impacts:

  • The tax cuts will be rescinded
  • The GDP growth rate will drop from 4.2% back down to around 1%
  • The stock market will drop
  • Job growth will stagnate again
  • The energy sector will languish
  • We will be seen again as weaker in the world
  • The military will be defunded
  • ICE will be abolished and MS-13 gangs and some criminals will be free to victimize more Americans
  • Work on immigration reform and a border wall will stop
  • A flood of illegal immigrants will come into the U. S. and will boost future Democrat registration rolls

But, the biggest impacts will on our Constitutional Republic:

  • The Constitution will be ignored largely and interpreted whatever ways are consistent with the political objectives of the Left
  • The Rule of Law will NOT be applied to Democrats and the Left, only to conservatives
  • America will be transformed into a socialist (or communist) country
  • America will follow the lead of the United Nations for policies and programs

What Do Republicans Offer America?

Some immediate impacts:

  • A continuation of the successes of President Trump in the economy and foreign policy
  • A middle class tax cut and further cutbacks in onerous regulations
  • Greater economic growth achieving 5+% GDP growth
  • Stronger military
  • Better enforcement of the Rule of Law
  • Sensible immigration policies
  • A border wall and border security
  • A conservative super majority on the Supreme Court
  • Justices and judges will interpret the law and will not make new laws that can’t pass legislative bodies
    • No more “legislating from the bench”

Longer term impacts:

  • The swamp will be drained
  • Morality in government will be restored
  • The Constitution and our freedoms will be defended and protected
  • Our economy will boom as never before seen in the history of the world
  • The New Conservative Enlightenment will flourish across America

What System of Government Will America Choose in 2018?

We know the Democrats and Left want to fundamentally transform America into a socialist country. The Republicans want to defend and protect America’s Constitutional Republic set up in the late 1700’s.

The Democrats are openly telling us what they want. Their anger, rage, and hatred is on full display. They want to transform our government into a socialist country. They are not seeking compromise. They are not “reaching across the aisle.”

With the 2018 Congressional elections, we are literally voting to determine our system of government for the future.

I predict America will choose the Constitution and our freedoms and America will reject socialism.

I predict a Conservative Red Wave is coming in November.