More Great News for America

The Dawning of the New Conservative Era
(How and Why the Good Guys Win in the End!)

More Great News for AmericaPraise for More Great News for America –

“I am thrilled to read More Great News for America. Dr. Lameiro has been consistent and outstanding in his predictive analysis of the American political landscape and has been on target in predicting election results with far greater accuracy than the traditional polling services. He has appeared weekly on my nationally syndicated talk program and has been an outstanding contributor for my audience. Enjoy the book. It will be a landmark in defining this nation’s political future.”

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Mike Siegel, Ph.D., J.D., Nationally Syndicated, Talk Radio Show Host, The Mike Siegel Show


“A true visionary and one of America’s top political analysts, Dr. Gerard Lameiro, has a long track record of accurately predicting election outcomes and forecasting major change on the national scene.  He has done it once again.  His latest book More Great News for America will inspire you and give you a unique look at the bright days looming in our nation’s future.  Prescient.  Hopeful.  A must read!”

Drew Mariani, Nationally Syndicated, Talk Radio Show Host, The Drew Mariani Show


“Dr. Gerard F. Lameiro has written a masterful guide to America’s bright future. The man who correctly predicted the Trump revolution and exact election results now offers More Great News for America.  No gloom and doom here, just the facts, as Dr. Lameiro has his finger on the pulse of America.  Our best days are yet to come and the “Nostradamus of Political Elections” spells out a future within our grasp.  You’ll discover how the “good guys” succeed as a conservative tide of prosperity and a renewed America returns.”

Erskine, Nationally Syndicated, Talk Radio Show Host, Erskine Overnight Show


“Dr. Lameiro sets the gold standard for other political analysts. While they appear to be reading “tea leaves,” Dr. Lameiro issues fact-based predictions which become reality. Others pontificate and confuse, but Dr. Lameiro is conversational, clear, to the point and my audience can’t get enough of him.”

Larry Conners, Talk Radio Host, Larry Conners USA Show

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More Great News for America

There’s More Great News for America coming!  Dr. Lameiro’s vision for America is enthusiastic and energetic, optimistic and bright.  According to Dr. Lameiro, it’s an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive.  America has entered a new Conservative Era.  We will literally see the rebirth of morality in government and across America; a return to more individual freedom; peace with other nations and peace within America; and a level of economic prosperity greater than ever before seen in the history of the world.

More Great News for America builds on the optimistic vision and positive message of Dr. Lameiro’s prescient 2016 book, Great News for America.  It updates where America stands using both Dr. Lameiro’s long-range presidential election models (that span about 24 – 36 years) and his short-range election models (that span about 2 – 8 years).  It includes his latest dynamic electoral models (that cover about 1 – 24 months) as well.  This book avoids the jargon of specialists and the nitty-gritty of mathematicians and statisticians, preferring to speak in direct, straight-forward, and common sense language to Dr. Lameiro’s readers and TV and Talk Radio show listeners.  No math or statistics are needed to read this book.

More Great News for America makes eight new, bold, and powerful predictions about the political parties and their future viability; the actual upcoming Congressional elections; the makeup of the new House of Representatives and Senate; and achieving or not achieving the Trump agenda.  It also looks ahead to the upcoming presidential election with an early forecast.

More Great News for America also explains how and why the good guys win in the end, and forecasts four major, highly significant and truly profound, religious and cultural trends of the coming new Conservative Era: the Return to Faith in God, the Renaissance of Reason, the Restoration of Education, and the Rebirth of Morality, Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity.

This book explains the differences between, and the relationship among polls, models, trends, predictions, and forecasts without boring readers with any complex mathematical and statistical details.  It answers the compelling questions why the polls were so wrong and misleading in the 2016 presidential election, and why Dr. Lameiro’s models, trends, predictions, and forecasts were so accurate.  Fortunately for readers, the answers are plain and simple and don’t require rocket science to explain or to understand.

This book also leads readers through stunning potential Democratic Party political realignments and answers questions such as: will the Democratic Party be a minority party for a generation, or will the Democratic Party even survive in the future?

This book addresses the future of the Republican Party as well with such questions as: will the Republican Party split into two new parties – the Conservative Party and the Republican Progressive Party?

More Great News for America goes on discuss what will happen with America’s top political issues including: the end of Obamacare and healthcare, the economy and economic growth, immigration laws, DACA, building a secure border fence, and sanctuary cities.

Plus, this book addresses the upcoming Congressional elections for both the House of Representatives  and the Senate and even provides an early forecast for the next presidential election.  This book deals with questions on the minds of many readers such as: will the Republican Party continue to control the House and the Senate?

More Great News for America concludes that the vision for America’s future is enthusiastic, optimistic, and bright.

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About Dr. Lameiro

Dr. Lameiro has been called by media hosts “America’s #1 Political Analyst” and the “Nostradamus of Political Elections.” Dr. Lameiro accurately predicted a Trump victory long before most pollsters and pundits gave Trump even a small chance of winning the presidential election.  In his Electoral College forecast, Dr. Lameiro correctly predicted every State that candidate Trump actually carried in the 2016 election.

In 2016, Dr. Lameiro was interviewed on 469 TV and Talk Radio shows all across the U. S. and the world.  Some of those interviews aired on literally hundreds of stations.

Dr. Lameiro understood and spoke to the millions of people who ultimately voted for Trump in an election whose results the old mainstream media called “surprising.”  His efforts on presidential election modeling and forecasting, voter registrations dynamics, voter momentum, voter intensity, and voter turnout helped him to correctly predict Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.  He accurately forecast the individual results in the critical states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, along with all of the other states that Trump carried.

Incredibly, all of Dr. Lameiro’s 469 media interviews dealt with the 2016 presidential election and the subsequent presidential transition, making Dr. Lameiro one of America’s most sought after and popular presidential campaign experts.

One of his TV interviews that confidently described his prediction of Trump’s victory, recorded one week before the election, went viral on YouTube.  It amassed a remarkable 126,000+ views in several days.

In addition, Dr. Lameiro wrote the prophetic and visionary book Great News for America (in 2015) that accurately foresaw the coming historic and critical 2016 presidential election.  In that book, released in January 2016, he made ten bold and surprising predictions that would come true before, during, or after the presidential election.  Those predictions have largely come true or are still in the process of being fulfilled.

On October 10, 2016, Dr. Lameiro wrote a blog post entitled: “Forget the Polls, the Media, the Elite – It Will Be President Trump.”  Of course, his election forecast was remarkably accurate, especially given the polling numbers being reported and the old mainstream media making a Clinton victory a foregone conclusion.

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