Mitt Romney – Running in 2020? On What Party?

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Is Mitt Romney Running for President in 2020?

Mitt Romney fired off a clear attack in The Washington Post against the style and substance of President Trump one day before he is sworn into office as Utah’s newly elected junior senator.

Mitt Romney attacked Trump for a reason. The question is what reason makes sense given the realities of a popular president with a clear mandate for change and cleaning the swamp in Washington.

What’s going on with Mitt Romney? Why did he attack President Trump?

Is Mitt Romney Vying to Replace Outgoing Establishment Republicans Like Sen. Bob Corker and Sen. Jeff Flake?

Many Congressional Republicans are not returning to office in January 2019. Senator’s Bob Corker (TN) and Jeff Flake (AZ) are two good examples in the Senate. They saw the mood of Republican voters to support the president and chose not to lose reelection bids. In the House, 49 Establishment Republicans are not returning this month either. These 49 Establishment Republicans either retired, resigned, or lost their reelection attempts to an electorate fed up with their inaction and lack of support for President Trump and his popular, conservative policies.

One possibility is that Mitt Romney wants to replace Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake in the Senate. Without a doubt, Mitt Romney is like John Kasich and other so-called conservatives that do not support Trump. They also don’t support the will of the American people, given by voters in Trump’s Electoral College victory and mandate.

Their views and Mitt Romney’s views lean more like progressive Republicans or Democrat-Lites.

Is Mitt Romney Seeking to Become the Leader of the Republican Resistance to President Trump?

One possibility is that Mitt Romney wants to garner the title of Establishment Republican, never-Trump, leader of the Republican opposition and resistance to President Trump. Why?

Mitt Romney and others criticize Trump because they don’t like his style, his tough tweets, his willingness to criticize the fake news stories, and the dishonesty in Washington.

But, it’s not his tweets or his style that irks the old mainstream media, the Democrats, and the Establishment Republicans. It’s the substance of his tweets – the content of his tweets.

President Trump is taking on the swamp, the Establishment Republicans, the Establishment Democrats, the Establishment media, the Establishment judiciary, and the Establishment special interests. He is shaking up the Establishment Status Quo and they are fighting back for their political survival.

Does Mitt Romney Intend to Run against President Trump in 2020?

While many think Mitt Romney is just trying to take on the Establishment Republican mantle of departing Senators Corker and Flake, others think he really want to become the new Establishment Republican leader across the country. After all his anti-Trump article was not published in a Utah newspaper, it was published in The Washington Post.

I think Mitt Romney would really like to be elected president in 2020.

Of course, everyone assumes that Mitt Romney, if interested in running against President Trump, would run as a Republican in the primaries.

A Mitt Romney Mega-Surprise for 2020 – A Progressive Party?

With the Democratic Party fighting its own internal battles that will be dramatic, heading into 2020, and with up to 35 Democrats vying for their nomination, the solution might be a surprise. The political calculus is also clear – a Democrat-Socialist can’t get over 200 Electoral Votes in the Electoral College – tops.

The Democrats could nominate Mitt Romney in an attempt to create a new “middle ground” party:

  • Not Populist Conservatives
  • Not Democrat Socialists or Resistance Leftist Democrats
  • But, Progressive Democrats and Progressive Republicans, creating a new Progressive Party