Media Kit

Media Kit – Dr. Lameiro.  This Media Kit provides a high resolution photo of Dr. Lameiro as well as a high resolution photo of his most recent book cover, and a biographical sketch.

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Important Copyright Information – Please Read Before Downloading Files. For members of the media and for clients that require the information in this Media Kit, the information below is provided and is available for download. All materials in this Media Kit are copyright as noted in the copyright statements on this website.

Limited License Usage. Members of the media and clients are hereby granted a limited license for use of the information in this Media Kit, for positive and supportive purposes consistent with Dr. Lameiro’s work. All other uses are strictly forbidden and are not allowed under this limited license. If you have questions about the copyright, the limited license for the media and clients, and/or the usage of these materials, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lameiro before downloading and using any files. You can contact Dr. Lameiro using the web form on the Contact page.

Downloads Available for Media and Client Usage under the Limited License:

High Resolution Photo of Dr. Lameiro
Biographical Sketch for Dr. Lameiro
High Resolution Image of Dr. Lameiro’s Book: More Great News for America