Mainstream Media Ends Now?

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Mainstream Media Ends Now – An Update on My Prediction

Mainstream Media Ends Now. In my 2016 book, Great News for AmericaI predicted the “End of the Mainstream Media’s Influence (as we know it) in Presidential Elections.” This is Prediction #9 of ten predictions that I made in the book that would happen before, during, or after the historic and critical 2016 presidential election.  All ten of those predictions appear to be in the process of coming true. Let’s discuss Prediction #9 now …

What Was Prediction #9 All About?

In past presidential elections, the mainstream media (MSM) consisting of the major TV networks, the major big city newspapers, and the major news magazines were widely trusted by the electorate.  The MSM was listened to by the voters and often led the voters. However, with increasing bias in recent years, the MSM has lost considerable credibility.  As a result, the number of listeners and readers has declined significantly.  With fewer listeners and viewers, not surprisingly, advertising revenues dropped as well. The Business Model for MSM outlets is under pressure and many have been forced to downsize and reduce their staff.

That’s been the trend for several years, highlighted by key media figures losing their jobs.

Prediction #9 in Great News for America was simply the “End of the Mainstream Media’s Influence (as we know it) in Presidential Elections.”

What are Some of the Major Reasons Today that We See the End of the Mainstream Media?

  • Trump is Dominating the Media – The MSM is used to controlling the agenda of the electorate with their progressive socialist narratives.  The MSM and their allies in the entertainment media and in the education establishment have strictly enforced politically correct ideas (and have effectively shut down free speech in many situations).  Even if you think Trump is not an ideologically, true conservative, he has advanced the cause of freedom in this election cycle. To illustrate:
    • The MSM can’t control Trump.  He gets enormous coverage because of his popularity and because he is so hard to predict.
    • The MSM can’t control the narrative.  Trump controls the daily news cycle in this election.
    • Trump has broken the shackles of political correctness. Trump has said what many others have been afraid to say because of political correctness. Trump has helped to empower Americans to take back their Freedom of Speech.
  • The Rise of New Media – As I show clearly in Great News for America, historic and critical presidential elections coincide with new communications media.  In the past, we saw the rise of the pamphlet in revolutionary America, the newspaper in the 1828 election of Andrew Jackson, the mass circulation press in 1896 and the election of William McKinley, and the role of TV at the beginning of the Entitlement Era in 1964 when LBJ was elected president.  Remember the TV ad with the daisy and the nuclear explosion.  Today, look at the role and effectiveness of Trump’s tweets on Twitter and his Instagram ads.  Talk Radio has also come into its own with a major impact on the electorate.
  • The Obviously Biased Behavior of Well-Known Media Personalities and Other MSM Reporters – Consider the difference between the MSM’s treatment of Trump’s donations to vets (intense scrutiny) vs. the MSM’s treatment of Clinton and the Clinton Foundation donations.  No comparison.  Most voters can see the bias on display.

For More Information on This Year’s Presidential Election plus All of My Ten Surprising Predictions

Please read my new book Great News for America.  In it, I make ten surprising predictions that will probably come true before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election.  I also discuss in Chapters 5, 6 and 7 the political party realignments of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and a possible new third party.  It’s available in a print edition from Amazon and other book sellers.  It’s also available on Kindle and other e-book devices.