Who Lost the Presidential Debate?

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Who Lost the Presidential Debate and Who Won It?

Who lost the presidential debate? It’s the first question and the easiest question to answer. Chris Wallace lost the debate. Why?

Obviously, Chris Wallace allowed the debate to deteriorate into chaos. It was not simply Trump’s or Biden’s interruptions that caused the chaos and confusion, but it was Chris Wallace’s inappropriate and biased tactics:

  • Chris Wallace constantly interrupting Trump and cutting off Trump from correcting Biden lies
  • Chris Wallace giving Biden softball questions and not persisting on getting answers
  • Chris Wallace asking Trump loaded questions and demanding answers
  • Chris Wallace framing topics in the language of the Left
  • Chris Wallace was an on-stage ally of Biden during the entire debate
  • Chris Wallace agreeing with Biden during the debate such as in this exchange –
    • Biden: “I can’t keep track of all his ranting”
    • Wallace: *laughs* “I’m having trouble myself”

Chris Wallace Used False Leftist Arguments and Language

Here are some examples:

  • Chris Wallace attacked Trump about his “very fine people” statement about the statue controversy in Charlottesville in a question to Biden, which was a Leftist hoax explained away in detail many times in the past
  • Chris Wallace referred to the very toxic critical race theory training that Trump did away with in the soft Leftist language of “racial sensitivity training” that people unfamiliar with it would not understand – it was a toxic anti-American philosophy
  • Chris Wallace used language about climate change to frame Trump as a “climate change denier”

Chris Wallace Didn’t Get Biden to Answer Specific Questions

Chris Wallace didn’t even try very hard to get Biden to answer specific questions such as:

  • Would Biden pack the Supreme Court
  • Would Biden work to eliminate the Senate filibuster rule
  • Would Biden name one law enforcement group anywhere in America that would endorse him
  • Would Biden respond to statements about his son getting enriched by foreign countries when Biden was VP ignoring obvious evidence – it’s not enough to say everything is a lie

Joe Biden Lost the Debate Even with Chris Wallace’s Help

Joe Biden came across as tired and stuttered somewhat. He also came across as angry, unprofessional, and disrespectful to the President with language such as:

  • Biden called Trump “a clown” three times
  • Biden called Trump a racist
  • Biden called Trump a liar
  • Biden was laughing and smirking throughout the debate

Overall, Trump seemed more energetic and stronger than Biden. He appeared better equipped to deal with the economy and foreign policy than Biden.

Joe Biden lost the debate.

Trump Won the Presidential Debate

Trump was also able to make a lot of points about Biden during the debate including:

  • Biden and the Democratic Party are pushing a socialist agenda and will make America a socialist country
  • Biden is going to support the extreme Green New Deal that AOC is pushing with a real price tag of $100 Trillion
  • Biden is going to destroy millions of Americans health care
  • Biden is going to raise taxes $4 Trillion and hurt the economy
  • Biden doesn’t support law and order and will work to defund the police around the country

All together it appears that Trump solidified his base during the debate, while Biden alienated his base by downplaying the Democratic Party’s  rush to socialism and repudiating the Green New Deal.

Trump beat the Biden-Wallace Democratic debate tag team.

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