Are Clinton’s Legal Issues Finally Over?

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Are Clinton’s Legal Issues Finally Over?

Clinton’s legal issues will probably last long past Election Day, whether she loses to Trump, or she is elected president. Even if she is pardoned by Obama before he leaves office, Team Clinton’s legal issues will also likely continue. Let’s talk about the situation more now …

What’s with James Comey, Director of the FBI, and his November Surprise?

On Sunday, James Comey hit Congress and the American people with a November surprise. The American voters are already used to October surprises, that’s not new. Comey did give us an October surprise nine days ago. But now:

  • Comey has added a new word to our political vocabulary, a “November Surprise.”

As if the current political season wasn’t already historic and critical enough as I have often said in the media and in my book for this presidential election, Great News for America , Comey decided to add some additional drama. Since early summer, Comey:

  • Delivered a public statement on the Clinton email investigation in July that listed “reckless” and “extremely careless” behavior with regard to Clinton and her staff’s behavior
  • Stated the there was no “intent” despite the fact that Section 793(f) of Title 18 doesn’t appear to require intent, just gross negligence
    • Note that  it seems possible that a person who acts recklessly or with extreme carelessness can be held liable for violating the law, even without intent.
  • Stated the FBI was not recommending prosecution
  • In October, after finding 650,000 email messages, wrote that the FBI was re-opening the case
  • In November nine days later, indicated that the FBI was sticking with their original recommendation

Obviously, it seems somewhat difficult to comprehend, let alone understand, such investigative flip-flopping on such a political scale and on the eve of a presidential election.

It would seem that Newt Gingrich might be right.  He tweeted Sunday:

  • “The destruction of James Comey by political pressure is painful to watch. He is being twisted into an indefensible pretzel of contradictions.”

What Will Happen if Clinton Loses the Election?

Trump’s new Department of Justice will likely oversee a collective Team Clinton investigation that includes Hillary and Bill, and Chelsea, along with the Clinton Foundation, and many Clinton staff at the campaign, the Clinton Foundation, and at the State Department. The list of potential crimes is staggering. It’s possible a Special Prosecutor would be named to oversee the entire set of potential crimes.

What Will Happen if Clinton Wins the Election?

The House will probably continue to investigate Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. I think impeachment of Hillary Clinton in the first year is very possible. I think it’s likely Clinton will be embroiled in legal issues for her entire presidency.

Note that if Hillary is distracted with defending herself, an interesting question is: “Who, in effect, will be the acting president?” Some possibilities are Tim Kaine, Bill Clinton, or maybe Barack Obama.

What Will Happen if Obama Pardons Hillary Clinton?

That would prevent Hillary from a potential impeachment and/or prosecution. However, investigations will likely continue for many of the Clinton staff.

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