Left’s Power to Attack Trump About to Collapse

The Left’s Power to Attack and Block Trump is About to Collapse

While the Left’s power to attack and block President Trump might seem formidable at the moment, look closer and you will see that it’s about to collapse. In fact, later this year, you can expect the Left’s power to shrivel up to a more typical level of opposition seen during other administrations. You probably will ask: “Why?” Why will the Left’s power collapse? Let’s discuss the reasons now …

The Left’s Power is Built on a Foundation of Dishonesty

Let’s look at that foundation. The Left’s power to attack and block Trump is predicated on there being some Russian hacking of the presidential election. That’s their basis for stirring up trouble for Trump. They contend that President Trump is not the president because it was a result of Russian hacking. Yet, despite surveillance of the Trump campaign before he was even nominated in July 2016 and the surveillance of the Trump transition, there is no evidence that anything happened that changed the election results. It has been said over and over again that there is no evidence that even a single vote was changed from Clinton to Trump.

The truth is President Trump won the election fairly in the Electoral College. It’s completely possible Trump also won the popular vote because there might have been millions of votes cast for Clinton that were questionable.

The Left’s power is also based on the innuendo that there was collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Once again, there is no evidence to support this weak assertion.

Clinton was an unlikable candidate that ran a terrible campaign. Due to apparent health issues, she often curtailed and limited her campaign appearances. Clinton needs to take responsibility for her own campaign failures. Did the Russians prevent Clinton from campaigning in the pivotal State of Wisconsin?

The Left’s Power is Based on Surveillance, Unmasking, and Leaks

In an unprecedented attempt to gain information on a presidential candidate, his campaign, and his transition, a sitting president’s administration apparently used surveillance, unmasking of private American citizens, and leaks to help another presidential campaign and/or to hurt an incoming president’s new administration. Some of these actions might be legal; some of these actions might be illegal. Certainly, some of these actions are questionable and unprecedented. Some are probably unethical at the least.

The Left Keeps Losing Credibility

  • The Left’s theme that Russia hacked the presidential election is proving to be FALSE.
  • The Left’s theme that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians is proving to be FALSE.
  • The reality that the Left was involved in surveillance of the Trump campaign and transition is proving to be TRUE.
  • Americans are angry and upset with the Left and their attempts to attack and block their president.
  • The Left’s power to attack and block Trump will collapse later this year.

The Left’s Ability to Regain Power in the Future is Eroding Daily

The Left is making it more and more difficult for them to regain credibility and power in the future. They are being perceived as sore losers, unrealistic and even, anti-American. Every day they attack and block Trump and his administration, they set back their own ability to regain power.

What’s “Left” of the Democratic Party (pun intended) is a Radical Left Agenda

What’s left of the Democratic Party is an aging, weak, and politically foolish, minority party with a radical left agenda that will languish in the wilderness for two or more generations! They still do not understand the American people and the presidential election results. They don’t understand that we have moved into a new American Constitutional Era, the Conservative Era.

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