Has the Real North Korean Summit Just Started?

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With Everything Now Going on, Has the Korean Summit Just Started?

Look at the latest developments in the U. S. – North Korean Summit planning meetings. What meetings are taking place right now?  Are they significant? Do they indicate that there will be a Korean Summit on June 12th between President Trump and Kim Jong-un? Will the Korean peninsula be de-nuclearized? Let’s answer these questions now …

What Korean Summit Planning Meetings are Taking Place Now?

To begin with, North Korea’s #2 leader has arrived in New York on Tuesday. Kim Yong Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea, is the former general and military intelligence chief. He will likely meet directly with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss key issues related to the Korean Summit, including:

  • What will the summit’s objectives be?
  • What the U. S. will demand from North Korea?
  • What North Korea is willing to give up to achieve an agreement with the U. S.?

At the same, we have learned that a North Korean delegation has also arrived in Singapore, the proposed site of the Korean Summit, to meet with a U. S. delegation. Presumably, this meeting is to iron out details of the summit’s logistics. Kim Chang Son, a close associate of Kim Jong-un, and White House deputy chief of staff for operations Joe Hagin will properly lead the logistical meetings in Singapore. These are likely not to be controversial meetings as contents of an agreement will probably not come up. Of course, there can always be issues with the precise layout of the room or even the size of the conference room table and chairs.

A third meeting between the U. S. and North Korea appears to be taking place as well in South Korea or in Panmunjom, a village near the Korean Demilitarized Zone. It’s apparently led by Sung Kim, the current U. S. ambassador to Manila.

Will the Korean Summit Take Place on June 12th?

All these meetings can make or break the actual Korean Summit. We might see major snags or reluctant yet positive tentative agreements. There’s a lot on the line for the U. S., North Korea, South Korea, and even Japan and China. A sticking point might pop up in these preliminary planning meetings.

I think the Korean Summit will take place. If there are deal-breaking issues, it might be delayed for a month or two. I think it will take place on June 12th because of the fact that three levels of meetings are taking place now: strategic, tactical, and operational level meetings. That’s a good sign that progress is likely.

What are the Key Issues Now?

These are the big issues that must be agreed upon for an historic agreement:

  • The de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula
    • This requires a verifiable list of all nuclear facilities, nuclear fuel, nuclear storage, nuclear deployed weapons locations, etc.
  • The elimination of ICBM technology
    • This requires documentation of the North Korean ICBM technology, as well as locations, and deployed weapons and launch capabilities, etc.
  • The level of U. S. military protection and involvement with South Korea
  • The safety and security of Kim Jung-un and his government – protection from being overthrown
  • The reduction of political and economic sanctions against North Korea
  • Economic aid to North Korea to build up their poverty-stricken economy from one of the worst in the world to a better third world level
  • The release and protection of the 120,000 political prisoners in North Korea

What’s Next?

  • Expect negotiations behind closed doors as well public posturing for better negotiation outcomes
  • Expect the June 12th Korean Summit to come off on schedule
  • Expect another win for America and President Trump
  • Expect President Trump to seal his 2020 reelection victory
  • Expect praise even from Democrats

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