Will Kasich Assure Trump’s Nomination?

Will Kasich Assure Trump’s Nomination?

While John Kasich is largely being ignored by the media, will Kasich assure Trump’s nomination? According to a Public Policy Polling survey released this week, 49% of voters in the John Kasich’s State of Ohio think its time for him to exit the race.  This is a big reversal from two months ago when 52% of Ohio voters thought he should stay in the race.

Does it matter if Kasich stays in the race or not?  If he continues to stay in the race until the July convention, what is the impact on the Republican presidential nomination?  Does it favor Trump? Does it favor Cruz?  Does it matter at all?  Let’s discuss this important question now …

Where Does the Republican Presidential Nomination Race Stand This Week?

Prior to the important Indiana Winner-Take-All open primary, here’s where the delegate race stands:

  • Trump – 996
  • Cruz – 565
  • Kasich – 157
  • Suspended Candidates (Orphan Delegates) – 189
  • Uncommitted Delegates – 33

using RealClearPolitics data.

What Primaries are Coming Up Next?

In May, we have the following primaries:

  • Indiana (May 3) – 57
  • Nebraska (May 10) – 36
  • West Virginia (May 10) – 34
  • Oregon (May 17) – 28
  • Washington (May 24) – 44

On June 7th, we have the following primaries:

  • South Dakota – 29
  • New Mexico – 24
  • New Jersey – 51
  • Montana – 27
  • California – 172

Where Might Kasich Tip the Balance of Power to Trump?

In Washington, Oregon, and California, Kasich’s presence on the ballot might just give Trump the margin of votes to give Trump enough delegates to capture the nomination.  We should know Tuesday if Kasich also helps Trump in Indiana.

It’s interesting to see a non-contender potentially be the pivotal factor in Trump’s unconventional campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

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