American Infrastructure: Will Trump Re-Build It?

Will President Trump Re-Build Our Infrastructure?

At $1.5 Trillion, President Trump’s infrastructure plan is HUGE. It’s a 10-year investment program that is a Federal, state, local, and private partnership that will likely change America for the better over the next decade. Trump wants to boost investment in American infrastructure. He also wants to streamline the process of getting permits for new projects and strengthen rural America. Plus, President Trumps wants to modernize our workforce.

Without a doubt, President Trump’s plan will change the look and feel of America’s infrastructure. Airports, roads, bridges, and power lines will all see profound change and improvements. In some cases, President Trump’s plan will even impact its ownership.

Want to Buy Ronald Reagan Airport or the George Washington Parkway?

To illustrate, consider these major assets that might be sold by the government as part of Trump’s infrastructure plan:

  • Ronald Reagan National Airport
  • Dulles International Airport
  • George Washington Parkway
  • The Washington Aqueduct
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Transmission Assets
  • Bonneville Power Administration Transmission Assets

Some Highlights of the Trump Infrastructure Plan

  • Designates $100 Million for matching funds to stimulate and encourage state, local, and private investment
  • Will work with (not dictate to) Governors and Mayors on the prioritization of needed projects
  • Permit Federal agencies to divest of some Federal assets
  • Sell off major government assets (see partial list above) to private investment if it maximizes value to taxpayers
  • Designate $50 Million for rural projects in order to re-build roads, for clean water, for expanded broadband coverage, and to help supply affordable/reliable power
  • Better environmental permitting – replace sequential steps with concurrent steps
  • Create a non-governmental agency to manage America’s air traffic control system
  • Give the VA the ability to deliver medical care to veterans where they live
  • Improve the efficiency of power transmission facilities by leasing transmission facilities to utilities

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